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27 November 2019 | Adopted


As we say in Bulgaria – if I was born lucky, even if you throw me in a garbage, I will be fine!

Probably the people who threw away little Nicky, didn’t expect that:

He was found by a person who cares for the animals and already has rescued a lot – our volunteer Galina.

Nicky was raised by her with a lot of love and care.
And finally – he got adopted quickly, after we accepted him at the shelter!

He is now at his new home with Margaret, the person who chose Nicky for a best friend!


And how come you choose between 20 dogs?
How do you know, who is your future best friend?

According Megan and her family – easy! You look at them, you like all of them, but when you look at the eyes of your dog, it is the one who recognizes you!

Or at least that way little Mila chose to join their family!

Congratulations! We wish you a lot of happiness together and “Thank you!” for choosing to adopt!

27 November 2019 | Adopted

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