The two proposed texts for changes in the Penalty Code of Bulgaria for the incrimination of animal cruelty were voted against in the Parliament’s Juridical committee yesterday. There were 9 votes “pro” and 9 “against”. The texts will still be entered for a vote in the parliament with committee stating their disagreement.

The parliamentary Juridical committee has voted against the animal cruelty changes in Bulgaria’s Penalty Code once before and the texts fell out during the Parliamentary votes. The animal wellfare sector and public of Bulgaria continue to fight for changes to be made. Tens of thousands signatures are gathered all over Bulgaria since the case of Mima, whose legs were brutally chopped off in a neighbour enimity.

You can support our struggle to change the Penalty Code by spreading the word through the Vier Pfoten campaign:

(The puppy in the video is our own little Joya who is now happily adopted in Belgium)

08 July 2010 | News

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