What are the odds that a French weight lifter joins the team in a dog shelter?
If the girl is Eva Fabian Anna Koudor – 100%!

At the beginning, Eva joined our team as a volunteer – quietly she would come, clean some poop, walk some dogs and leave.
Eva and Votan – her adopted from Serbia dog

Very fast we realized that Eva is not only a hard working and honest person, but she also has a sense for the dogs – she works successfully with the difficult ones – shy or aggressive dogs.

Officially Eva is a dog carer – responsible for the patients in the clinic.

But in fact she is much more than this – she is the person who finds the best matches for every new dog and makes the first meetings between the dogs safe and nice.
She also works with the dogs with behavior problems – and very successfully!

Eva is a real jackpot for Animal Rescue Sofia – we are sure that very soon, after she gets some more training, she will become the best dog trainer ever!

But in the meantime – if you come at “The Farm” and meet a smiling tattooed girl, have in mind, that she is here only, because her love for the animals is endless!

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

10 June 2019 | Blog

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