A cry for help: Nelly

25 May 2019 | News

A quiet day in Berkovitza. Near the road a lonely, nameless and homeless dog gathers some sunshine. In late pregnancy, she is preparing for birth and motherhood.

Witnesses said, she was ran over on purpose. That the “human” who did it, bragged on facebook about it. If it is true – let the police finds out.

A few days later, the dog finally was brought to us. She is in extremely bad condition – broken hips, broken legs. She cannot walk. Or pee. Or give birth.

We urgently made a C-section – two of the puppies inside her womb were still alive.

We are confused. We don’t know what to do, from where to start. Nelly’s blood is like water. Not only because the blood loss, but because on the top of all, she has anaplasmosis. The orthopedic operations are urgent, but the fractures are so many and so severe – here we talk about a 5-6 hours operation. Which, our brave girl will most probably not survive.
At the same time, someone delivers some newborn puppies, found in a trash bin. They are crying out of hunger and cold. Nelly hears them and also starts to cry. Broken, in horrible pain, she cries for the puppies. We gave them to her, without any hope – neither for her, nor for them…

Yet, Nelly is a mother of 6 now – 2 own and 4 adopted. She faces a long war – for her life, and for theirs.

The orthopedic operations must be made as soon as d-r Vladislav Zlatinov decides it is safe for her. We don’t even know how much it will cost, we don’t dare to ask.

But we will stay by her. And we hope you will join us in this battle – the battle for Nelly’s life!
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25 May 2019 | News

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