Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there lived a dog. The dog was good and kept its owner’s home.
One day, the owner got angry of something and got rid of the dog. Though, he forgot to take away the chain from the dog’s neck. The dog was a puppy and grew up. But the chain didn’t grow up and made a horrible wound on the dog’s neck.

While the dog was roaming on the streets it met a fairy. The fairy looked at the big wound on the neck; looked at the skinny body of the hungry dog and understood the dog needs help. So, she brought it in “The Farm” shelter.

At “The Farm” the dog got a brand new name – Snowflake! The people there healed Snowflake and loved her.

They taught her to love and trust humans, too!

And one day, the time for Snowflake to leave came. She went in another country – the Country of the Tulips!

Many people at the Country of the Tulips wanted to take Snowflake home.
“Come with us, Snowflake!” they said.
“You will be a princess here – you will not work, but lay on your bed all day long!”.

But Snowflake didn’t go with them. One day a woman came.
“Come with us, Snowflake!” she said.

“At home I have a little sad princess and if you come with me, you will not lie down all day long, but you will be busy to cheer my princess and help her!

Snowflake didn’t wait any more – she jumped and went to her new home!
When the little sad princess saw Snowflake, she smiled.

She wasn’t sad anymore.
“Dear Snowflake”, said Princess Sophie. Now, when we are together, I will no longer be sad”.

And it is just as it happened – Sophie and Snowflake stayed together and their story was known as the story of the girl, who saved the dog. And the other way round!

23 April 2019 | Blog

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