Every year, Animal Rescue Sofia handles thousands of animals.

At any given moment our clinic is full of homeless patients, who wouldn’t otherwise stand a chance to survive.

“The Farm” gives a home and a chance for a new life to 200 dogs at any moment. And as soon as someone gets adopted, another dog comes in.

But behind these huge numbers stands a small team of dedicated people.

Looking from a distance, it is easy to forget, that we are not an institution. We are just a few people.

We decided that you, our friends and supporters, should know the faces behind the name of Animal Rescue Sofia.

Please, let us introduce you Dr Kalin Spassov!

Dr Kalin Spassov was born in Vratza, not so long ago. You will notice, once we manage to present you our whole team, that 3 out of 5 of our vets come from Vratza.
The reason for this must be a mistake in a previous life. There is no other explanation for this bad karma.
Don’t get us wrong, we love our Vartza team (and we don’t dare to say anything different, as they outnumber us)! But yet, you know what they say for such people*.

* It is though possible that you don’t know what they say. Because usually “they” say it only once and then someone from Vratza… hmm… hears about it…

We first met him, before he becomes a doctor. He has started his career at the position of а trainee, while being a vet student at the University of Forestry.

A year later, Kalin took his veterinary state examination almost from the first time and became a member of beloved vet staff!

Dr Spassov’s main  interests are in emergency help and surgery. He never misses an opportunity to upgade his knowledge by attending different workshops and seminars.

“Every day I wake up with the thought that there is an animal needing my help”he says for his life choice. Or at least, this is what he told us. But, to be realistic,  he probably thinks something more specific, like “Crap, I hope the car starts from the first time”.

In all means, Kalin is a professional, who works with love and care to his patients and we are lucky to have him in our team!

Photo credits: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Puctures

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