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04 April 2019 | News

Many are the animals who get a second chance in our shelter. Even more are the ones who get their lives back in our clinic.

But none of this would be possible without the people who support our work, our heroes.

People like

Girgina Kalaydzieva and Rumen Papazov:

Mark & Eleonora Markovi

The students from 11th and 12th class of 21nd school in Sofia and theirteachers Mr Hristov and Mrs Kalaydzhieva

The students  from private school Veda and their teacher Mrs Savina Slavcheva

Petya Atanasova, Iglika Slavcheva and Radostina Abadjimarinova


These are the faces of the people, who helped us keep the tummies full!

But it is not all!
All these wonderful people came to see the animals they help and to spend some time with them!

We specially thank to We help paws” which collected and donated a whole  van of  goods – blankets, pillows, toys, bowls and medical supplies!

Thank you!

04 April 2019 | News

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