Celebrating stupidity

14 January 2019 | Blog

Some say that Christmas is the most sacred of all holidays – time for humility and generosity, time for redemption.
And yet – there was one, celebrating with a gun on his hand.
There was a human being, who joined the fireworks with a fire arm.
Shooting to kill. Celebrating…

This is Shtastlivka. It means “Lucky” in Bulgarian. She was brought to our clinic on the Christmas eve, bleeding and in shock. She was shot. Twice.

Both her front paws are literally smashed by the bullets – the shooter was very, very close to her when he pulled the trigger.


Shtastlivka got lucky. She was found by caring people, who would prefer to be late for  the family dinner than to leave her helpless.
Our Dr Ilieva also preferred to skip the celebrating and to save a life instead.

Different people celebrate different things in different ways. Yesterday we were celebrating – after two surgeries and difficult rehab, Shtastlivka made her first steps!

We feel grateful and blessed, for being able to help dogs like Shtastlivka!
And the reason we can is YOU!
Thank you for supporting our work!
Only together we can create miracles!

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14 January 2019 | Blog

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