We have seen many miracles throughout the years and one thing we know for sure – if there is love in the heart, everything is possible!

Please, imagine the situation.

During the summer, there aren’t many adopters.
Yet, there are even more animals in need – puppies, kittens, injured or sick animals. At one point we realized there are 260 dogs and more than 40 kittens in “The Farm” The maximum capacity of our place is 200 dogs and 5 cats. Every dog or cat over this number means, that all our animals live worse than they deserve.

During the summer, there aren’t many donors.
Yet, the need of medicines, dog food and utilities are even bigger, because of the increased number of animals.

Did you manage to imagine it? 300 animals who depend on us for everything. Imagine our despair for not being able to provide what they need.

Now imagine a phone call. Darina from Ador Barador was willing to help us fundraise. SOHO – an art coworking space in the heart of Sofia – were also there for us.

And this is how it started – the good will of a few people, an amazing place, gathered many of our friends – most of them we didn’t know before, but all of them – friends indeed!

So many people and dogs came to Soho and bought the amazing scarfs, bags, hairbands and dog scarfs!

Now imagine something else – the atmosphere, the mood, the laughter! The generosity, the love!

The efforts of these amazing people and the generosity of the visitors raised 3427 levs! An amount that will feed our dogs for a whole month!

Thank you, dear friends! Amazing wondermakers! You have helped us in a very difficult moment and proved that a friend in need is a friend indeed!

16 October 2018 | Blog

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