Olympia and the loneliness

25 February 2018 | Blog

She is so amazingly friendly and cuddling that we couldn’t believe in the pain she goes through.

She is so grateful and happy every time she feels we enter, as if the reason is not injections and manipulations.


Olympia was someone’s pet, but when she stared losing her vision, instead of taking her to a vet, her owner left her.

She is huge, completely blind and disoriented, but looks so disconsolate that broke our hearts. Taking her from the Municipal dog pound in Kardjali wasn’t logical or wise, but was the only one our hearts could bare.

It has been a week since Olympia became one of our dogs, but the mutual amazement hasn’t stopped yet.

We still wonder how is it possible that this huge teddy bear could be so nice – we don’t even need a leash while the vets manipulate her. If there is one hand to cuddle her, Olympia doesn’t move anything but her tail.

And she still doesn’t believe that there are cuddles and hugs for her and every time is amazed and grateful.

And while we are getting used to each other, Olympia receives the best care possible. Her ophthalmologist is Maria Savova DVM, from Nova Vet clinic.

Unfortunately, her vision cannot be saved, but we are trying to reduce the high pressure in the eyes, which causes horrid pain. If this doesn’t work, we will have to operate her.

Meanwhile the vets in “The Farm” found out she also suffers anaplasmosis and started treatment.

Olympia will be fine. She is not afraid of the pain and the darkness. Her only fear is loneliness. And we will not leave her! As long as you are there for us, we will be there for Olympia and dogs like her!

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25 February 2018 | Blog

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