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05 January 2018 | News

Sometimes we feel so alone and desperate – all the medical cases and people who abandon their pets makes us feel we fight windmills.

But moods like this pass really fast – because the good people we meet are more, because the animals we help together are getting more and more every day!

We haven’t met the holidays alone – you, dear friends, helped us in keeping our animals well fed, warm and happy!

So many of you came to walk the dogs, to buy a calendar, to make a donation or just to take a look, that we have forgotten all the bad thoughts.

Once again the teachers and the students in the English-American School didn’t forget the 200 farmers! They have collected and donated 560 BGN and also spent some time with the ones they are donating to!

The fan clubs of Arsenal and New castle in Bulgaria proved they care not only for football, but for good causes as well – they donated 740 BGN! With the money we have bought much needed tests for infectious diseases! Lets’ hope these tests will always be negative and the mood of the donors – positive!

“Raven and cannonball” bar have donated 484 BGN!

And all this money were only spent on the dogs, because there was no need to worry about their warmth this winter!
And this happened, because we have received this amazing view:

10 tones of pellets! The amount, needed for the clinic and the shelter for the whole winter!
This miracle happened thanks to Kamen and Velislava!

On behalf of the sick and unfortunate,
On behalf of the sad and abandoned,
On behalf of the hundreds who get a chance for health, happiness and new homes
through us,
we want to tell you THANK YOU FOR CARING!


05 January 2018 | News

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