May be the rope around Siana’s neck means she had once had an owner? Or maybe just means she had met bad people.
Whatever the truth is, Siana came in our clinic with a severely wounded from the rope neck, with horrible infection and a huge smile – a rope that would soon kill her, wouldn’t change her good mood.

Dogs like Siana amaze us every time! Day after day, her wounds got worse. The pain got stronger. The Death got closer. And yet – Siana came to the clinic, happy and grateful. She looked like she was saying “Oh, good you finally found me. I’ve been waiting for you to help me for so long!”.

The tests afterwards showed that Siana has another gift from the street – anaplasmosis.
For a whole month, Siana lived in our clinic and was relentlessly taking the cleaning of her wounds and was swallowing pills.

And all that time she spent wagging her tail.

Things are better for her now – the infection is completely overcome, the wounds are healed. It remains to heal the anaplasmosis, but this is a minor concern – as almost all our patients on the street have one or more of the vector diseases, for our doctors the treatment is an everyday task.

Siana is only one of our many patients. Today she lives a new life, thanks to your help for our clinic. Thank you for staying with us and helping us help animals like Siana!
Please, help us help them! You can do it by a

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12 December 2017 | Blog

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  1. Диана


    Казвам се Диана и бих искала да помогна на Сиана и на другите кученца като дарявам по една голям торба суха храна на месец. Пишете ли дали имате претенции каква да е марката. Ако не ще поръчвам Hills. Също ми пишете ако имате нужда от специална храна или други медикаменти или играчки.

    Моля да ми дадете точен адрес за доставка. Пратките ще се доставят от

    Сиана още ли си търси собственик? Имате ли приблизителна идея на колко години е?

    Благодаря и поздрави

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