The Farm exists and functions, because thousands of people help and donate for the lives and health of the dogs in trouble.

Thousands of people” and “everyone that supports us”.

How we wish we could know each one of you and also introduce everyone to each other… We would be stronger than any political party. The movement of the caring people.

It is amazing how in our work we meet people from both extremes – the worst who hurt, abandon and don’t have a drop of empathy in them; and the best, who are ready to share their bread and selflessly help the most vulnerable.

There’s no way to describe our thoughts and feelings, sitting in the metal container we call “the office”, in yet another morbid discussion whom to deprive of food and medications, when the door opens and people whom we’ve never even met come to lend us a helping hand…


A walk and some love for each of our 200 dogs and 900 BGN were donated at the shelter by the girls of PPD. Having in mind we were 3 days away from having our electricity shut off, we can only think they were sent to us by a higher power. Thank you, thank you for your generosity, kindness, smiles, thank you for the hope you gave us…


We wish we could introduce you personally to all the wonderful people that help us out. But it’s physically impossible. In these few words you can find just a part of the people who helped us last week, as a modest attempt to show how things happen in this center of kindness, called The Farm shelter.


Angelica Snot is part Bulgarian, born in the USA. She came to work voluntarily at the Farm for two weeks and managed to do really a lot. She came and went on her own, with the public transport and simply amazed us with the kindness and patience she had for the dogs.

To help us more, Angelica made flyers and posters which she took all over the hostels in Sofia. The idea was for traveling young people to know about us – maybe someone would like to come help. And she was right! Our first volunteer from her flyers arrived this week – a wonderful young man from Mexico, who was freezing, but spent the whole afternoon walking our dogs. Thanks!


A great gift came in from ESSENTIAL FOODS. Two bags of the best kibble (it is shared between the four nursing moms at the shelter) and four liters of cold pressed salmon oil (this is liquid gold for the ill dogs). The salmon oil from their previous donation literally raised several death-row patients back on their feet, now it is bringing health to the dogs with skin-illnesses and the smallest babies. Thank you, Mila Demireva!


There are many different animals in the shelter and dry food isn’t suitable for everyone. Unfortunately, we do not get regular donations of soft food and often have none.

Warm hugs to Tsvetelina and Nadezhda who provided food for the toothless, operated and youngest inhabitants of the shelter!


Our huge thanks to the people behind ENDAVA. The team raised funds and bought 220 kilograms of food for our monkeys. What a gift! They came in with a car, overloaded with bags, offloaded them, apologized that its working hours and they have to run, and before we even managed to thank them properly, disappeared with a promise to be back again some time…

We love you, dear friends. And probably we will never be able to tell you how important your support is to us, but to put it simply – the Farm exists because you are there for the dogs. We are happy to be your hands, we are happy to have you as our heart. This huge, collective heart that moves Animal Rescue Sofia…

If you are wandering how you could help the shelter, you could make a DONATION, see our WISHLIST, come for our WEEKEND WALKS, ADOPT, or simply share with your friends that there is such a place, where we do all that we can for the homeless dogs…

16 October 2017 | Blog

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