Update 13/10/2017

Dear friends,
the funds needed for the treatments of Barry, Kutsa, Sita and Daddy have been raised and they are provided for at this time.

Today after we finish neutering, we will try to also make the surgery for the removing of papilomas on Barry’s eye, and next week we will take him for his exam with d-r Savova.

Kutsa is already on her way to the CVC for x-rays, keep your fingers crossed that she doesn’t need another surgery, although it’s not very likely.

Today we will also make an appointment for Sita with orthopedic surgeon Hristo Nikolov, keep your fingers crossed that she doesn’t need a surgery. If she does, we will carry it out after the 18-th, as the Spayathon has both surgery tables occupied every day.

We hug you and wish you loads of joy!
Tomorrow and the day after the dogs are expecting you for their walks,
wagging their tails for you!


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We are in the middle of our second Spayathon with the amazing vets of WVS, but the clinic is full of patients on stationary treatment. As always – we are full of puppies, cats and dogs with all sorts of trauma, but these here four friends wouldn’t make it, unless you decide to chip in, dear friends.


“My kid is allergic” – what a magical way to be rid of any and all responsibility to your best friend. This is how Barry was abandoned in our shelter – a kind, wobbly, half-blind 9-year old Labrador.

He is a sad sight. Walking with difficulties, confused and abandoned. Initially we thought the problem was the papilloma on his eye which got infected. But it seems he has problems with his vision.

We cannot even x-ray him with the 20 leva his “noble” owners threw at us. He also needs an exam with ophthalmologist Maria Savova at the NOVA clinic.

Will you help us help Barry?
For his tests, x-rays and exam he needs: 245 BGN


Daddy is about 8-10 years old, but has only gone blind just recently. A heavy blow to the head has caused his eyes to bleed internally. It must have happened very recently.

Along with the lack of sight, Daddy also has very bad liver indicators and the supplements he needs are too expensive, we don’t keep them in store.

Daddy may be old, blind and abandoned, but he is a wonderful dog. He is brave, he is kind, he trusts us and he really loves everyone. He was a loyal pet to someone and we believe that if we manage to save some part of his vision he would have a chance of a life in a good family.

Will you help us help Daddy?
To treat his eyes and liver this month we will need: 195 BGN


It’s easy to tell huskies were in fashion recently – they are abandoning them wherever you go. Sita is another dumped girl who came to us limping and very thin – with a torn ligament to her back paw.

D-r Marincheva tried to operate her here, stitched her up, but the ligament got torn again. The only option left is an arthrodesis and the implant that she needs is costly.

She is a wonderful creature. You can see she is in a great deal of pain, but still only cares about exploring the world. If we leave her like this she will remain crippled forever and the pain is great. If we put her together – she will quickly find people to run after.

Will you help us help Compersita? She deserves it…
For her surgery by orthopedic surgeon d-r Nikolov she needs: 520 BGN.


She is the only dog on this list that wasn’t abandoned by owners. In the light of this she should be the very first on the list to be helped, but we haven’t even been able to take her to x-rays. We don’t have money, and we owe the clinic, sorry dearest.

The girl most likely has a broken leg, but we haven’t x-rayed her yet. She is such a gentle soul – despite the pain, any time you touch her she will squeal with joy and press up against you…

Can you help us help Kutsa?
To at least x-ray her leg she needs: 50 BGN


If any of these friends has touched you, if you would like to give him or her health and a future – please do, even if it’s a very modest donation. We’ve made this magic many times, we can do it again – for these four abandoned little heroes:

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

The animals of Quarantine 1 at the Franziska clinic salute the people who will choose to help them:

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