Dogs are magical creatures.
How else do they manage to find the people who need them, filling a gap they didn’t even know they had?


Golden boy Max, whose sad story touched so many people went home with Maria and Ivo Mitrevi. The boy is the second golden retriever in the family and is very, very happy with them!


Little Ushka, an amazingly sweet 3-month old angel, is now living the life of her dreams with Miren Radkov and Elena Stefanova in Sofia.


Another one of our black bears got a wonderful family. Best regards to Ana and Alexandra Nistorovi for the wonderful choice, these little balls of love are one of a kind.


Fluffy Bear (now Dara) and Fiffy (now Raya) are living the life of their dreams. They went home with Carolina and Kaloyan Kosevi and will grow together with their little boy – Georgi.


Sweet Evy is now home with Tsvetelina Stoyanova and her daughter Ivana. Evy and her siblings were raised in the foster home of another wonderful Tsvetelina – Senior volunteer at the Farm. What a lucky coincidence!


Kittens Chaya and Maya went home together – to the amazing Jean-Luke and Natalie, who have adopted 5 of our dogs from the old shelter – Sivcho, Zayo, Bear and two puppies. The amazing Belgian couple first took one kitten, and when they felt the joy of living with a cat, they quickly came back to get one more, so they can grow happily together.


But maybe the happiest moment for us was the adoption of everyone’s pal – Belcho. They boy has waited for happiness to find him since 2011. 5 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit – it’s not his fault he is such a giant…

Belcho found his best friend in Nina van der Vinne – a great Dutch lady who chose Bulgaria to be her home. She wanted to give a chance to a dog that wouldn’t otherwise have it and took our white boy with a golden heart home.

Dear adopters, we wish you all the happiness in the world!


09 October 2017 | Blog

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