Two transports with dogs and cats left the Farm to our colleagues in Holland and Germany this month!

Transport XIV/2017 – 07.09 – 25 dogs и 2 cats
Transport XV/2017 – 14.09 – 25 dogs и 3 cats

We will do everything we can to send the bus one more time, before September ends. The shelter is still overcrowded and we have so many kind hearts waiting to be admitted in foster homes…


Here are the heroes:

The puppy on the right in the first photo is your friend Baby. Thanks to you, she got the surgery she needed for her broken leg and is now well. The whole litter has found homes and sailed off!

We said goodbye to loved adults Mira and Mootsunka.


3 of our 8 black bears have gone home!

Mommy May, Webster and Jewels left for happiness too:


We hope to send 2 more of May’s kids – Pomeren and Akira to good homes with our next transport. Only Shira will remain, as she had a broken leg and her surgery requires a removal of an implant in a months time.


A littler of 3 wonderful sisters and in the last photo – our darling Pirin. This is what Pirin used to look like when we found him:

And here is a moment from Pirin’s new life in Holland:

WOW, Pirin!
And here are some more of our cuties:


But the most touching of all was our all-time-favorite Teddy.
This is how his life began in Bulgaria:

And this is how it will go on in Holland:

At home with his wonderful new mum – Ellen van Alten!

We also have lucky cats on these journeys!

The kitties from the hardware store (poor souls never got to have their own names. They will now.)

Naum and Nalla,
and also the sweetest black cat in the Universe – Milcho…

Some wonderful photos from the new lives in Holland:


Farewell, angels!
Only love and happiness from here on for you!
And THANK YOU, dear colleagues for everything you do!!! 


We thank Yvonne Henke who provided good homes for 17 of our angels, and also sent the ones who are still waiting for love at our shelter – 350 kilograms of dry food.

Hugs for our tireless doctors – d-r Marincheva, d-r Ilieva and d-r Spassov. Their good work and the fact that even the smallest of our puppies are strong and healthy, makes it possible for so many of them to find loving homes abroad.

Hats off to Nadya and Vivi for the logistic magic they have pulled through these last 2 months. Getting each dog ready, organizing its journey to our colleagues, the transport itself require huge nerves and efforts. Girls, we are proud of you!

27 September 2017 | Blog

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