I gave you my house
when you were alone.

When I walk through the door
It now feels like a home.

Tail wagging and waiting,
Our bond quickly grew.

Such unconditional love…
Who rescued who?

Black and Noisy

Two little brothers – Black and Noisy will stay with the people who raised them from newborns!

Alessandro and Federica saved the lives of 5 abandoned newborn puppies, taking them home for more than a month. Meanwhile, the wonderful Italians adopted chronically-ill Figaro and thought him to live in an apartment with a cat.

Parting with the little ones wasn’t easy. And since it was not possible to keep all 5, they adopted Black and Noisy! The other three are in the shelter, waiting for love to find them.


The 2-year old abandoned Jack-Russel Terrier Lucky has found his family. The little big guy has gone home with Yordanka Bogoeva, where he will be loved and exhausted by three wonderful children!


3-month old tiger Ilina has found a place in the heart of veterinaty medicine student Maria Rossolatou, from Greece. We wish them all the best together!


Ilina’s sister, Iliana is now called Rosie in her awesome new life, provided by Robert Huston and his sweet daughter! The two girl immediately hit it off and we are sure this is a life-long friendship.


Zara and Kara are two huge girls that were orphaned – the man who had kept and loved them died suddenly. We took them in after they had spent quite some time alone in the empty yard, kind and sweet, but also huge and black ladies. Two ladies that are considered difficult to place.

To our delight, 2-year old Zara is already the queen in the yard and life of Stefan Ivanov, loyally following his daughter – Ralitsa, everywhere she goes.


10-year old lady we called “Granny Pit” has a home too! Found hit by a car, after her owner abandoned her near the shelter, the veteran pitbull will spend the rest of her days with Nadia Spassova.

Nadia has known Sarah all her life. She is a neighbor of her owner. When Sarah disappeared Nadia started asking questions, and they led her to us. Here, she found Sarah, broken, but still alive and made a promise to her – to never be left alone and helpless again…


When nature was making Archie, she gave him the body of a bear, the soul of an angel and as she was about to pour a little kindness, something happened, she dropped the whole bottle and POW! Archie got to be as kind as 20 dogs could be!

100 beers – ANIMALE

To his (and ours) great happiness, Archie has found his people – on the slopes of the magnificent Alps, all the way in Austria.

Be happy, Archie, darling! We already miss your smile, dear boy. But knowing that it shines even brighter in your new home, we forge all the sadness and imagine you waving your flag-tail in the beautiful nature…

Thank you, Sandra! 

21 September 2017 | Blog

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