Thank you for your help, dear friends!

The funds for the treatment and tests of Mancho, Haska and Rocky have been raised. Now we hope they will also be lucky and recover in the best way!

The heroes are just 3 of the dogs on urgent treatments here. We introduce you to some of the other souls that found love and health under the roof of the Franzisca clinic:



Poor old homeless Valcho has a severe case of osteomyelitis. We are already treating one girl for this heavy condition – frightful Nera. The treatment is long and uncertain, and the boy is late in his life, but d-r Marincheva is doing all she can for him…


Poor little Dolma is just 4 months old, but she has already been through 3 surgeries after a car hit her.

Her right thigh was broken, also both bones on her front left paw. D-r Nikolov did and ostheosynthesis and it will take time till she recovers, but for now the poor soul is doing very well and it seems there will be no complications.


Two siblings were abandoned in a lively neighborhood and raised outside by a kind man. He called them Bonnie and Clyde. The two angels somehow managed to survive outside, until a local monster with a shotgun decided to practice on them. Clyde was killed, and Bonnie severely injured.

Full of pellets, Bonnie suffered the worst injury on her shoulder bone and had to be operated immediately. D-r Nikolov fixed the shoulder, removed the pellets and now the good girl is recovering in the home of her good friend – Anatoly. We hope she makes it…

Heidy and Dublin

Kisses from Heidy, the little old lady. This Friday was her second exam after the eye-surgery you gave her with ophthalmologist d-r Savova. The girl is well, it will take another week to know for sure if the surgery was successful. Our hope is that she will be able to keep some vision in the healthier, right eye.

Your other old friend – Dublin can stand on his own!!! Hurray! Sadly, we will not be able to do much more for him, but he will get his pain-relief for the back condition he is suffering till he can…


If you’ve been wandering why Velichka the donkey is here again – it is because she too has managed to become ill and needs daily treatment.

D-r Ralitza and Nick were here for her hooves as well and she is very happy with the new pedicure. When the treatment is over the big girl is going back to the horse base we keep her in, as dogs really make her nervous.

Neverending story

In these last three weeks we have managed to find homes to 78 dogs, and have given shelter to another 86…

Irish and Pippa

Special regards from your Buddy – Irish, who is already starting to use his leg. He is currently residing in the walking yards with Pippa – a sweet girl who was re-homed in Holland 2 years ago. She has a hip problem and needs a surgery.

Both dogs are on leads on this photo as they like to guard their food – this way both can enjoy a meal without someone looking over their shoulder.

Lora and Lora

These are two of three patients called Lora who are currently being treated for heartworm at the shelter clinic. The treatment is long and difficult, but the girls are strong and we can already say they are winning against the parasites.


Paralyzed Dessy is finally walking after a 3-month battle! But, sadly this is not the end of her ordeal. She also has heartworm, and now the treatment for it begins, as we had put the diagnosis aside, fighting paralysis.

Luckily, the people who brought Dessy have been taking care of all her needs – Anrieta and her family. Anrieta has adopted a dog and a cat from us – tiny black Olive and brave orange Sig. The best news us that when Dessy recovers, they will take her home too…


Tom the angel is a homeless, but very noble friend. He is here for the treatment of a heavy stomach injury, after a car hit him.

5 black&white fluffies desperately hope to find foster homes. Life in a cage is very damaging to cats, especially in this early age. If you are wandering what foster care is – it is joy, smiles and life. Take two or three of these buddies home, they will fill your house with love for a month or two!

6 newborn kittens and 5 puppies were taken on by team members last week. Of the kittens, so far we have 4 survivors – 2 at Dimy’s and 2 at d-r Spassovs foster home. With the puppies we have 4 so far, they are looked after by the wonderful volunteer from the UK who is with us a second time – Nicole. Unfortunately they are not stable…


Severely beaten, this poor girl has no broken bones and should be able to physically recover completely. We will do all we can to also heal her heart…

Rayna’s hell

We can say we have met the scariest dog in the Animal Rescue Sofia history. Rayna.

Not because she is dangerous or mean, on the contrary – she is a small and very shy, tortured soul. It is just that you can physically feel the pain on your own face when you look at her and see the horrendous trauma man inflicted on her. With a shotgun. Close range.

There are still tests to do until we can give you more information about the poor little girl. So far the only thing we can say is that she is safe in our hearts and shelter.

Thank you

We thank Veneta and her daughter for the donations they keep bringing to the clinic.

The entire work of this shelter is financed through donations. Help us help them, make a small contribution to our cause, we really need you.

18 September 2017 | Blog

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