We are happy to share our greatest joy with you – the lucky souls adopted here in Bulgaria.

It is such an amazing thing. To see your once unwanted friend being chosen for a life of love and care by good people. To be the witness of those precious first moments when the spark shines – a little look, a wagging tail, warm hugs, smiles, tears…

We love you, dear adopters!


She was brought to us in April – hit by a car and completely paralyzed. A scary sight. Zlaty lay immobilized for a whole month, she couldn’t even manage to drink by herself. After weeks of physiotherapy and treatment with corticosteroids our brave girl won the battle and stood on all fours:

To our horror, Zlaty was one of the dogs in the quarantine department where we had an outbreak of Distemper in May. With her immunity weakened by the long treatment, she became the first dog to become infected from the puppy that brought the illness to us – Benjamin. And although it was crucial for her to move freely and use her muscles, Zlaty had to remain caged another month – whilst we fought for her life.

Zlaty is a true fighter and loves life like no one else. Despite all the odds being against her, she managed to win the battle with Distemper with no permanent damage to her health. Zlaty took all the hardships with an open heart and when she was finally healthy and vaccinated, we moved her to the dog’s building, alongside funny guy Ruben.

And today… Today Zlati’s life is completely different. And that is thanks to Rossen and Julia Gajinski who made her the biggest gift – a family of her own. Rossen and Julia weren’t completely sure about the adoption and initially took Zlato on a foster’s contract – to have her for a while and see if they can manage. That happened on Friday. We were thrilled when they called us on Monday to say: “Zlaty is our dog and we are her people!”


One of our 7 black bears – Borry got a wonderful family too! He was adopted by Steve Hoborough – to the joy of his three wonderful, kind daughters.


Tiny Stevie was brought to us by a gentleman and his daughter. They had watched him roam about the neighborhood for a few days. Dogs like him cannot manage outside, but we literally had no space. We tried to convince the people to take him back vaccinated, just until he builds an immunity, but the father didn’t want to hear of it. In the end, the little girl cried so hard that one of our keepers – Joro, took Stevie home, despite already being full of shelter animals…

But, these are the last adventures of the little hero. Now 10-month old Stevie is the most loved dog in the home of Nicolay Genov – cuddling on his own sofa and being spoiled just as he likes!


Another happy and loved little baby – sweetheart Toby has a home! He is now the greatest pride and joy in the home of Joanna and Ivan Alexovi in their apartment in Banishora district.


Darling Mark was abandoned alone outside as a tiny baby. But – he was lucky to be picked up by a kind man, who raised him hoping to find a good home among his friends. Unfortunately, Mark grew up and never met his people in the process, until it was no longer possible to stay at his fosters and he had to come to us.

And just in time! Because Mark had the chance to stand in front of Toma Vasev and his wife. They loved Mark from the very first moment and decided to give him a home, a bunny and… a wonderful boy – so they can grow and enjoy their lives together!


Murray has already been abandoned twice. The first time he was brought to us as a puppy – they had bought him for a toy and never expected the damage he made in their home. As you can guess there were plenty of people who wanted him and we chose a good family where we thought he would be trained and well cared for. A year later Murray was returned to us – nervous and biting. We were both desperate and angry to hear how “he is like this, because he is from a shelter” and put him back in the cage.

This time, he had really lost his marbles. Little Murray had become a strong, dominant male with no respect for people – one of those that remain behind bars forever. But, as we have already made clear, Murray is Distiny’s favorite and she sent him Sofia Kalinova.

Sofia recognized our nut from their very first meeting. She and her mother had a crazy Dobermann until recently and the faith of our unwanted hooligan touched them deeply. Things became certain when Murray tried to bite Sofy’s mom and she made such a calm and timely correction, we were filled with hope. How hard we prayed for them to come back for a second visit…

Today Murray is living the life of his dreams alongside a person who truly understands him. He is still trying to show his temperament, but he gets the right guidance from Sofia (and occasionally her horse’s hooves) and is getting better every day.

Thank you Sofia for giving him this unique chance to be your obedient dog!


Just as there is nothing better for children than to grow up with a dog – so they can become kind, caring and responsible people, there is nothing better for puppies to grow up with children – so they can become loving, patient, good animals.

Maya Baltajieva did the best thing for two creatures – her lovely daughter and the little angel Bucky. The two are inseparable in their games and quiet moments. What a happiness…

All the best!

13 September 2017 | Blog

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