We showed you the lives you gave to 43 puppies from the Farm in the past weeks. To our great joy, despite the huge effort to rehome a maximum number of youngsters, we were also able to send some adults to their new families.

We thank Yvonne for finding homes for them, and you – the people who support Animal Rescue Sofia for caring. Our heroes from the cages are now enjoying their lives as pets, running about the amazing nature of Westphalia…

Rosie and Ruby

Two lovely sisters, abandoned in the snow in the middle of winter got the biggest gift they could get from their foster parents – a life. Raised at home from the age of 1 day, these little ladies do not know about hunger and pain, as they would have if they’d lived in the street.

The sisters waited for a long time for luck to smile at them, but finding good homes for breddless dogs in Bulgaria is a hard task. After 10 months of waiting for a Bulgarian to see them for what they are – clever, pretty, good girls; they swapped the motherland and became Germans.

Laura, Bo and Oriana

Lucy Irvine is an English writer and adventurer, who has chosen Bulgaria to be her home. What a mistake to make if you love animals. Some years after Lucy began rescuing desperate, ill and abandoned dogs in Strupets and its surroundings, our dear fellow country folk turned against her.

Neutered, vaccinated and looked after in a rented plot outside the village, Lucy’s dog became the biggest problem of the mayor and villagers. Administrative terror was unleashed on her and Lucy decided to give up her work. She had to quickly find solutions for her 60 animals. Bo, Laura and Oriana are three of them.

It would take 3 days to tell you all about this campaign against Lucy. The most important now is that the girls are at home in a totally different reality. As Bulgarians – we are ashamed.


Such a dear girl! Lassy came to the Farm from her fosters in April. Together with her sister Katy they were found by kind people and raised at home for their vaccinations. Katy found her people just two weeks after we admitted them, but Lassy didn’t share her luck.

Several adoptive families were choosing between her and another puppy, but she remained here for 6 months. We are really glad we managed to send her home, she is awesome and will make her family proud. A dog like her doesn’t deserve to spend her youth behind bars.


It took Buddy 5 months to fight off a very stubborn case of demodecosis, but he made it. Such a funny enthusiast – full of energy and curiosity. Buddy was the saddest puppy when we took him in, what a pleasure it is to send him off so good looking and shiny!


The best. It’s as simple as that. A dog you would rarely meet, he took our hearts with him. Every person who ever met him has come to love Dushan. He really has a golden soul.

He spent a whole year with us and no one wanted him. We will never get this. No matter how big and black he was, it was obvious to anyone Dushan is the best guy in the world. How is it possible no one would want him in a year? But must have been for the best.

We are sending loads of love to the German family that adopted him and thank Yvonne for giving him this amazing chance to show his quality.

Rita Krivka – now at Dierenthuis

Rita won nothing less than the Jackpot. After months of efforts and thanks to Julia, she was admitted to the best animal refuge we have ever seen or heard of. The Dierenthuis shelter in Holland.

Rita Krivka who had no chance of recovery and lived years in a cage, crippled by her pain. Rita who has spinal hernia, a damaged liver, broken pelvis, life-long severe pains that would make her bite anyone trying to touch her.

Now our tortured old lady has her own physiotherapist and gets acupuncture. She swims in a warmed-up pool, sleeps in a special bed and feels well for the first time in years… What can we say? There aren’t such words to describe how we feel about this…

We only hope she has years ahead of her, to be able to enjoy Heaven in Dierenthuis. The shelter is also home to other dogs we have loved together, her is a little “HI” from some of them:

Granny Alma – still incontinent, but walking and full of love…

Our donkey Zverski who is no longer biting and has become a spoiled little meatball…

And of course – Bolt, the amazing puppy with 5 legs – the most loved boy in the shelter – with a million friends, both people and dogs…

11 September 2017 | Blog

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