We have a counter we really love at ARSofia – the one that counts the number of dogs we managed to rehome (in the upper right corner of this page). For us, it is something like the beating heart of the shelter – we started at 0000 in 2010 and just went over 5000 a few days ago!

This is the total number of dogs we have rehomed in Bulgaria, Austria, Germany and Holland. And the ratio of dogs who found homes in Bulgaria to dogs rehomed abroad is 1:4.

For the dogs who were adopted locally, we have another separate counter – the numbers on our adoption contracts.

We are proud to introduce you to our Bulgarian dog #1000!

How it all began

He came to us in April. A tragic, starving puppy, full of kisses and parasites. He had so many lice, we started calling him Vashko (“vashka” is the Bulgarian word for lice).

We took off what was left of his matted fur, started to treat and feed him, freed him of parasites and the boy became one of us. Unfortunately – his treatment postponed the vaccinations, but we thought the quarantine was safe enough for him.

Vashko and Distemper

In May, there was an outbreak of Distemper in quarantine 1. A puppy similar to Vashko (Benjamin, who was also immune-suppressed and with a skin condition) had the virus and became ill. The weakest dogs in the ward – Mommy Mathilda, Zlati and poor Vashko quickly followed.

So, the boy who was already quarantined for two weeks, had to go into quarantine for another month, whilst we are treating him for distemper – far from the other dogs, alone and isolated. No other way…

The foster home

We managed to cure him, he was a true hero. But not because he was so strong or healthy, poor guy had additional infections to fight, but because he is so lively and kind, that life didn’t want to leave him, no matter how hard illnesses tried.

Distemper is a tricky thing. The dogs that had it can still spread the virus through urine months after they have been healed. So our vets had to make a tough decision – to keep him isolated for another month.

But keeping a puppy in a box for 3 months is a crime. Even if it weren’t an angel like Vashko. So, when an opportunity came for a foster home – we were ecstatic. In the beginning of July a wonderful family took him home temporarily – so he can recuperate, gain some strength, learn to run again and get better in the sun.

The adoption

And so, August rolled by and the time came for the girls to go to school and for Vashko to come back to the shelter. But when they came to leave him we couldn’t find any Vashko. A new dog called Rocky was standing in the shelter yard!

Leaving Rocky at the shelter wasn’t easy. However hard we tried to persuade them that they saved his life, that they did the best for him – hearts want what they want. His people didn’t want to part with him, nor he with them.

And so: our warmest congratulations to Rocky, Salzitza Galabova and their whole family! Rocky will remain forever theirs and they are the bearers of our Medal of Honor:

Adopters of Animal Rescue Sofia’s dog #1000 in Bulgaria!

We thank you, dear family and wish you health and happiness. May the world always be gentle and giving to you, as you have been for Rocky (former Vashko)…


07 September 2017 | Blog

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