It’s not the breed that makes a dog and this is not just propaganda. Loyalty, friendship, the desire to please are a dog’s essence, no matter if it was bred to bring us birds, guard sheep, protect us, or simply by accident. The gentle hearts of the shelter angels beat as warmly for their owners as their pure-bred friends.


Rana and her sister – Tana were born in someone’s home and abandoned to die outside. To their great luck they were found by kind people who gave them shelter for a month, whilst they were vaccinated. It is so important for puppies to be close to people in this early age!

Dessislava Genova came to the shelter with a happy daughter in each hand. She said: “I read something on your page. That every child should have a dog and a mother that would allow it, so I decided to come here and adopt.” Wow!

With over 60 puppies on the shelter grounds the kids didn’t know which way to look. But when they stopped at Rana’s cage, it was love at first sight.

A detail will tell you all you want to know: when we brought Rana out to meet her new family, the smaller of the girls who was hiding behind a big stuffed rabbit threw it aside, said “no more artificial rabbits!” and hugged Rana with all her heart….

Topsy and Bella

As with the most puppies that find their way to us – Topsy and Bella were found by kind people. They got in touch with us looking for a shelter and home for the little ones and had to keep them a month, until they have two vaccines and can come to the Farm.

A month isn’t a short time for loving. And when the day came for Topsy and Bella to stay with us, Ivona and Andrey could no longer imagine their lives without the babies. We tried to persuade them to keep fostering, but luck was on the puppies’ side.

Happy Topsy and Bella continue to live their lives with the people who rescued them and saved their lives. There is a Bulgarian saying “throw me in the trash if I am born lucky” – completely counts with these two!


The story of 5-month old Petty is hard to believe. In short – she entered the Farm after a month’s stay in a dog hotel, where she had been put a by a foreigner who had rescued Petty from a group of Gipsy boys that taken her by force from a young Gipsy girl a week earlier…

Ghetto dogs are the best. We will not speculate how this amazing selection has happened, but the truth is – only the kindest dogs make it out there. No exaggeration – Petty was the shelter’s perfect puppy. Noble, gentle, smart, delicate… and by the law of Murphy also grey, bearded and huge…

The Universe doesn’t make dogs like Petty for nothing. And when Veronica Solakova came to the shelter looking to adopt her first dog with the words “can you recommend a puppy to me?” we knew we are going to show her Petty right away.

We thank Veronica for allowing us to introduce her to Petty, we are 100% sure she will be happy with the decision to adopt her every single day of their lives together!


Kaylie Argirova and her mother are Australian, but have already lived in Bulgaria several years. They came to the Farm to find the best friend for their other dog – Daisy. So the two can have the best life, spent in games and joy at the family house in Rudartsi village.

Little guy Strong (formerly – Max, an abandoned and unwanted baby) is enjoying his new life as if he was born for it. And so are we, seeing him happy and safe in such wonderful hands!

Stiliana’s list

Stiliana Ravelska is a Bulgarian violin player who lives and works in Finland. This year she devoted her entire Bulgarian vacation to organizing the adoptions of 3 dogs to her Finnish friends.

Funny Johnny (on the left below) came to us with his sister Liska – abandoned by their mother’s owners. He was a step away from Death with Pneumonia, but survived. And what an attitude! Even in the days when he couldn’t stand – he would wag his tail at everyone. Today the boy is sharing his days with Johanna Anikki – in green fields and a whole other, wonderful way of life…

Dumped by the garbage cans in Dragalevtsi, sweetheart Era (right) had a destiny to fulfill. To wander lonely and lost in the streets, freeze and starve outside for a winter or two, give birth to 30+ babies outside, die alone and in pain… Destiny – cancelled! Instead, she will live happily ever after with Hilja Heiskanen in the land of Santa…

Tana is the sister of Rana – also an incredibly kind animal – no doubt made of love and sweets. We wander what the cruel person who abandoned them was thinking of their future? Most certainly he would have never imagined that Tana will end up in Finland with Ria Rantanen. We find comfort in the thought that Tana will most likely have a much better life than the monster who abandoned her once…

This isn’t the first dog Stiliana has helped rehome perfectly. Last year she came to the shelter with another friend – Mina Huttunen, who adopted our tiny epileptic old boy – Hercules. Do you remember him? This is his life today in Finland, he is doing great, drinking his meds, and feeling truly loved:

Although the organization of the journey was tough and through the effort of many people, documents and nerve-wracking logistics, Stiliana succeeded in uniting Johnny, Era and Tana with their new owners. On their way to the airport Stiliana promised the Farmers she will not forget them and will come back for them next year.

Three lives saved at once… We’re speechless, Stilliana!!!

25 August 2017 | Blog

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