A week ago, thanks to you, three dogs – Irish, Dublin and Heidy got their second chance in life. Here they are today – happy and calm after you reached out to them!

You gave Irish an orthopedic surgery – for his luxated hip joint. Unfortunately it turned out that his close encounter with a car also badly damaged his other leg. He also had torn lateral knee ligaments.

The boy did well and thanks to d-r Nikolov he is already walking, although little by little. With the pain gone Irish turned out to be a great fellow – very friendly and loving, with his huge bear head and smiling eyes!


Poor Dublin also got another diagnosis to go along with the two he has – anaplasmosis and heartworm. He has severe arthritis on his shoulders as well as a merger of three vertebrae. Pain-relief gave him such a true relief it’s hard to recognize him.

Dublin is being treated for his diseases, he is no longer in pain and is hungry as a wolf – he is already putting on weight. Dublin is still in shock when you stoke him –  you can see how he loves it, but just cannot believe it. Right now his nose is completely clogged from the anaplasmosis, but that too will go away. One by one…


Little Heidy will wait a few more days for her surgery, as she had a higher leucocyte count than normal. At this age and after being through so much, she needs to be in her top form to be able to recover from anesthetic and surgery. We will wright when there’s news for her.


You get the warmest regards of  little frog Baby, who had a near-magical surgery on her tiny leg performed by d-r Hristov. We can now say she has completely recovered!


More, and more, and more abandoned puppies – our puppy crisis is still on the go. The number of puppies in the clinic, shelter and foster homes is horrid, but we are fighting with all the resources we have to find them homes abroad. We have over 160 puppies right now…

As always at the Franziska clinic – tens of sad destinies every day… Dogs and cats find injuries and illness in every corner of our city. But, most definitely, our toughest patient this week was this kind Grandpa. Not because he had the most complicated surgery or diagnosis, but because he is… too heavy!

Grandpa came to the Farm with a gangrene on his back paw

D-r Marincheva amputated him

Wish him a quick recovery!

To everyone that feeds old dogs near their homes or work:
please, don’t overfeed them, it’s not good for them. Old dogs don’t move much and don’t need that many calories. And when they are overweight they completely stop moving, because their joints hurt more…

24 August 2017 | Blog

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