UPDATE 05/09/2017

Heidy is back and well, thanks to d-r Maria Savova at NOVA clinic!

We are so happy for her, she will not go blind, thanks to the surgery she will be able to keep some of her eyesight.

UPDATE 24/08/2017


See how well your friend are doing!

UPDATE 17/08/2017


The funds are raised!!!
Thank you for not letting them suffer, dear friends!

Irish’s surgery is scheduled for Monday – unfortunately it turned out he has a thorn knee alongside the joint luxation and that will make his recovery time twice longer and more difficult.

Dublin is in the start of a long combined treatment for anaplasmosis and heartworm, he needs a special heart ultrasound too. We checked his chip and he was neutered in H.Dimiter district in the summer of 2016. But this doesn’t help us solve his “mummy mystery”.

Heidi sends you a worm old greeting and her gratitude – her appointment will be scheduled for next week. Until then she and her friends of Irish decent will be expecting you for hugs and treats at the Farm shelter clinic…

Initial post:

Three innocent dogs have already gotten their death sentence from people.
Will you help us turn thing around for them?
Can you help them live?

Dublin, tied up an left to die

He was found in the park of Orlandovtsi. All tied up with a rope and an old scarf – like a horrible voodoo doll. An emaciated and mortally-ill dog that can barely move – tied up like an ancient Inka mummy and abandoned to die in the bushes.

We had only seen something like that once before – our sweet guy Lisko was found like this, but he at least would have the strength to run when he was immobilized. And Dublin…

IMG_2474 IMG_2533

Dublin doesn’t have a thread of muscle on him. The hunger has eaten away everything he had. If he manages to stand, he is folded in two like a lancet – his stomach, stuck to his spine and in great pain. His nails are very long, he was locked up without food somewhere for longer.

Dublin has anaplasmosis and heartworm. Not one, but two deadly illnesses. But even now – Dublin has a chance to live – if he gets the treatment and food he needs so badly.

IMG_2531 IMG_2535

The price of the medication that can save his life is: 370 BGN (190E). In the heat of August, with a clinic bursting with patients, it is a sum we don’t have.

Irish, a case of hit and run

It can happen to anyone – sometimes the dogs and cats really jump out on the road without a warning. Yes, you can be a good person and hit an animal with your car. But to do it and not stop? Not even slow down? What kind of a person are you then?

irish (2) irish (4)

Irish doesn’t ask himself these questions. He will not ask himself “why did this happen to me?”, and it seems he’s not even thinking “when will this be over?” The only question you can see in his eyes is “can you help me make it through?”

And we cannot. Because the price of the surgery Irish needs from orthopedist d-r Christo Nikolov from St.Antim costs 380 BGN (194 E). And there is no way the shelter can spare it for him – there are too many other dogs and too little resources for them…

20840256_270602720111422_1151159533_n 20906875_270602693444758_982267023_o

Heidy, left blind in the forest

There are no herds of free-roaming poodles in the woods. And Heidy probably never saw this much nature in her whole life. Perhaps if she wasn’t that old, ill or blind – her being dumped in the forest could even have been an interesting experience for her at the start.


But for such a tiny pet without eyesight, nature can only be terror and starvation. We saw her accidentally by the road and chased her terrified for long kilometers. Panicked to the bone Heidy flew with all the strength she could scrape up – far from the people who can only bring harm…

And just like every other abandoned small dog – she was biting and screaming only until two hands scooped her up and hugged her. This same moment she quietly put her matted face on Nadya’s shoulder, took a deep breath and fell asleep – a deep, death-like sleep after so much horror.


We bathed and clipped Heidy, we are treating her. We gave her a little cell to call a home, a warm bed and good food to regain her strength. But she needs more to have a chance of happiness in her last days.

Heidy has a progressing illness on both her eyes. If she is not urgently operated she will lose the little eyesight she has left (Heidy can still tell shadow from light). She will also lose both of her yes – soon they will become too painful and will have to be removed.

IMG_1156 IMG_1207

The surgery that ophthalmologist d-r Maria Savova from the Nova clinic has to perform on Heidy costs 500 BGN (250 E). She made a huge discount, but we are still unable to afford it. Heidy is just a few weeks away from the permanent decision – to have both her eyeballs removed, so they don’t make her suffer. It will not cost anything – we will do it in our own clinic. And dogs without eyes… they remain in the shelters forever…

Can you help?

These three dogs are sentenced to die.
Sentenced for no crime, by people like ourselves – worthless mutts that cost and mean nothing to anyone.

But you and us – we have those other eyes. The eyes that see not three doomed mutts, but three friends in great need. Please, let’s do our magic once again, let’s re-claim these three lives, let’s turn their lives around, and make things right, clear their destiny of evil…

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


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