Friends often ask us:
How is it that you are such bloody optimists?

And the answer is simple:
Because we have the honor to witness so much kindness!

Deaf Boris, with worms in his heart

It’s not exact to say we found Borko in a village, as we almost ran over him with our car. Completely deaf, the kind angel didn’t hear us approaching and made us stop to see what’s up with him. He was all bones, confused, but very friendly, Borko was probably abandoned at that very spot.

boris1 boris11

Deaf animals cannot survive alone in the street. And dogs as kind and lovely as Boris also should not. We took him in. D-r Marincheva carried on his test and blood-work and… our gentle boy turned out infected with the deadly heart-worm.

Marina Yordanova came to the shelter with the idea of adopting a young, small-sized dog. She put her hand in Borko’s cage, stoked his velvet little head, he looked at her with his huge kind eyes and… a true bond of friendship appeared out of nowhere.

boris12 boris (8)

Thanks to your kind donations, Boris received the complicated treatment he needed to get rid of the heart-worm. It was one month of antibiotics, then the Immiticide shots, then another month locked up in a tiny cage (so that the dead parasites wouldn’t clog his heart)…

Boris went through too much hardship. But it was not for nothing and he was not alone. Today the deaf, doomed to die from heart-worm Boris is the loving friend of Marina. Living his second (or third?) life next to her…

boris (5)

It’s simple, right?
How could we be pessimists?

The abandoned Katy and Chace

It was the end of this winter. And they were 3 tiny little angels, abandoned between the living blocks in Banishora district. Just reared from their mother and left to die in the snow, three bundles of desperation and hunger – brown and simple, worthless and unwanted babies.


Puppies of this color are often overlooked. But these three had a destiny to be happy. Turbo was adopted in Holland. And Diezel (now Chace) and Mercedes (now Katy) were adopted together in a most wonderful family! Just as a child really needs a sibling, there is nothing better for dogs than to grow up with a friend.

merzedes diesel (5)

So, the Daumesnil had two children, and they now also have two dogs! We really thank Francois Louis for his wonderful choice and wish everyone in their household long years of happiness together.

Tiny Elvira

Lovely little Elvira was left in the shelter by her owners. They decided to give her a de-wormer, she threw up a roundworm and they decided she has the tapeworms and everyone will now die. We tried to explain that this is normal, there is nothing to worry about, but – they left her.

елвира elvira

Of course, such a tiny angel, so friendly and sweet is bound to go to a wonderful home. Even before she was out of the clinic, Elvira met her true friend – Evgenya Savova. We’re sure their life will be full of laughter and fun!

The amazing Allegria

No need for words. You can see for yourself on the photos – the happiness that Alexander Mihaylov brought home to his sweet daughter Raena…

all2 all1 all3

All the best to you, dear kids!

Ill Oliver

It was the fall of 2016 when we picked up Oliver from the Bogrov municipal shelter with a severe skin problem. The kind granddad spent long months in treatment until he was finally “rewarded” with a diagnose of chronic illness. That is another way of saying “eternal shelter inhabitant”…


But this was not the faith of the kind granddad. After a long life of trouble, the boy found his salvation in the heart of B. An amazing person and friend of animals whom we can only look up to.

B. doesn’t like to be thanked or tell anyone of the many animals she rescued. So, we will only say: “THANK GOD YOU EXIST”. And wish Oliver a long and happy life, as he couldn’t be adopted in a better place.

Lincoln the Fireman

We at ARSofia really love firemen – in the years of work we’ve met many noble man from their ranks. We admitted Lincoln on January the 10-th – our heroes had dragged-out our huge boy from the bottom of a very deep shaft.

IMG_0948 linkoln (2)

Amazing! So kind, so playful – a young Caucasian Shepherd with an amazing attitude to the world and the creatures that inhabit it. With a big adoption issue – his HUGE size… It took Lincoln half a year of clowning about for every potential adopter, but nothing happened. We wondered what this bad joojoo was – and he was waiting for his people all this time.

IMG_2741 IMG_9626

Today Lincoln lives with the wonderful family of Nya Doychinova-Petkova. His home is in a horse stable with 30 horses and another huge shepherd dog, with which they are of course – first buddies.

IMG_0410 IMG_0543 IMG_2683

We went to visit them. And what else can we say, except “I wish I was Lincoln!


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