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09 June 2017 | Blog

After a month without transports and adoptions, the first thing we did in the end of the quarantine was – TRANSPORT VIII/2017.

We sent 20 angels and the sweetest mommy in the world to a new life in Holland – where they will be loved family pets, and not unwanted mutts.

The journey was successful and 21 tails greet us like flags from the homes of their foster families. At the start of a brand new life, 2000km from here.

We thank all our friends, colleagues, volunteers and donors for their support – it takes so many kind hearts  for a puppy to cross over from the Ditch to the Dutch…

So here are the little mice you gave happiness to this week – the way you knew them at the Farm and in the first steps of a happy future they never even dreamed of…

One-eyed Mommy Ella and her 5 babies

Abandoned outside a village, mommy Ella gave life to 6 furry babies. Emaciated, nursing and very, very hungry, she listened to her instincts and started stealing hens. But although she looks like a fox, she is not at all cunning, and the villages quickly found out.

18235959_1991885897712237_695249324_o IMG_0193

The next time she tried to find something to eat, Ella was severely injured and lost half of her eye. One of the puppies was also killed. Then, a kind neighbor stepped forward and hid the rest in his basement, looking for a solution for the whole family.

17834895_10158554833095335_3399872256612541228_o 18077324_10158554833070335_1215410112179764767_o

Elly came into the clinic with a badly infected eye and very thin. She had to go through treatment and keep nursing at the same time. And she did such a fine job! Huge, fluffy, joyful and healthy – her pups are an example of good mother care.

eta (3) eta (1) eta (2)

D-r Marincheva removed Elly’s eye and closed it, we reared the little ones and she finally started to put on weight. We’re so happy that the whole family travelled together to their foster home – this way their adopters will be able to keep the family close.


Our best regards to everyone in the chain of rescue – in three months we managed to turn a village tragedy into an Amsterdam fairy-tale for 6 good hearts. Healthy and smiling on the green grass…

Venus and Williams from Gorni Bogrov

We admitted two tiny scared sisters who were dumped in the village center on a spring night. We named them Serena and Venus. A day later, we stumbled upon this tiny little guy at our door – so very alike them, there was no way he isn’t their brother. So, we raised them all together and named him Williams.

18644235_223773184794376_1008131713_n 18643566_223774418127586_2006865512_n

Besides looking alike, the three really were a close family. They lived in quarantine for quite a while – vaccinations, neutering… and no complaint ever. Serena was adopted locally, and Venus and Williams found their people in Holland.

The Scotts

keeva (3)

Silky Keeva (above) Fynn, and Marshelly are three puppies someone dumped in a trash shoot. When they were brought we had no room and the same family kept them at home for vaccinations.

fynn (1) marshelly (2)

Such gentle and clever souls, very loving and smart.

Litter D

daniel daniella
Daniel and Daniella

8 huge black monkeys (with a white sheep in the heard – Donny). Of course, dumped from someone’s back-yard. It doesn’t cost anything to just abandon a box of pups in the trash, and why not repeat it in 6 months, and then again…

deyan didi
Deyan and DeeDee

The 2-month work with a litter so large in numbers: 24 vaccines, 68 deworming pills, 200 kilograms of puppy food, 8 spay/neuter surgeries. (and this is without counting the re-vaccination during our quarantine, the food supplements; the treatments for 3 of the babies; the time that the vets, keepers and volunteers invest in keeping the puppies happy and people-oriented.)

diliana dimiter
Deliana and Dimiter

True luck. Because for puppies this large and so dark it’s crucial to be rehomed at the youngest possible age. If they grow over 6 months of age on the shelter, this usually means they will stay here forever…

dolly doni
Dolly and Donny

Martha and Masha

Found abandoned in the village Bistrica, the sisters are really lovely – two of those most cuddly and friendly babies.

18643927_223770071461354_757923863_n 18643472_223770331461328_1621756050_n

There definitely is a connection between the color and attitude of dogs, as the sweethearts of this type are always very cheerful and friendly creatures.

In Holland

18742253_10213764595697743_263568728_o 18745210_10213764639218831_90711088_o 18765349_10213764668259557_203151645_o 18767193_1708856845809414_544374944_o 18789171_10213764716020751_2134539294_o 18926941_10213854079654786_856728077_o 18927348_10213854070174549_486301601_o 18949036_10213854074014645_1742784005_o 18982946_10213854070614560_119848307_n

We continue

A big hug for our logistics masterminds Vivi and Nadia, for doctors Vicky and Polly, for drivers Marty and Valio – each journey on our “life-line” is such an amazing adventure, sometimes makes your hair turn gray.

IMG_0197 IMG_0199

It might look like “yet another” but we know it is “the Journey” for the dogs on it. And it’s worth all the nerves and problems, the tons of paperwork and crazy organizing of so many people, thousands of kilometers away…

09 June 2017 | Blog

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    Hello everybody
    I want to lett you know . That daniel is safe .he lives with a happy dog from turky.
    They are best frients nouw.
    We love daniel.his name is mix nouw.
    Greats famely weerepas

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