Dear friends,
we are really happy to inform you that the Farm shelter is open to visitors again!
Thank you for being with us and helping us overcome Distemper – to contain the infection, provide the best treatment for our ill kids – your help has made the difference between life and death for so many.

The Farm is through with Distemper. Everyone who had the virus is now healthy and well. Only little Krayo, the puppy with pyoderma is still unwell, but he is no longer ill with Distemper, he has a bacterial infection that he has promised to overcome.

IMG_9907 IMG_0080
Farewell, angels…

The final score: we’ve lost darling Benjamin, Mommy Matilda and 3 of the puppies she gave life to… We cannot say “just 5”, although the death-rate could be ten times higher, because we will always miss our dear Matilda.

Our hats come off for the back-breaking work of the clinic team – d-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva, interns Kalin Spasov and Michaela Kanovska, the keepers with huge hearts – Dessy, Dimka and Maria. Friends, you have our utmost respect for everything you did this month, you are our heroes!

pyoderma (2) IMG_9987 IMG_0071

It’s official: we are open every day again, from 08 to 18.
The Farm shelter and The Franziska clinic are functioning normally again and the dogs are so anxious to see you, that you can hear cracking in the air. And it’s from all the energy they stored after a month of walklesness.


The first thing we did with the lifting of the quarantine was… TRANSPORT VIII/2017!!!
20 sunny faces between 4 and 5 months and one-eyed mommy Ella replaced the Farm cages for soft beds in Holland!

IMG_0181 IMG_0191
Ella and her puppies said goodbye to the shelter

We will let you know all about them when photos from their new life come in. Right now we’re doing everything possible to find spots for as many dogs as possible, since adoption rates are lower in the summer.


IMG_0267 IMG_0274
Regards from Sandokan and Toshko

The first thing that happened at the clinic after we could again move about were the surgeries of two orthopedic patients who were urgent – Sandokan (for torn knee ligaments) and Toshko (for the removal of a plate he no longer needs). Both were operated successfully by d-r Hristov yesterday. For Toshko this is the final round and he should be OK from now on, for Sandokan – keep your fingers crossed.


IMG_0249 IMG_0254
Teddy… our first new patient

After we opened doors, the first urgent patient was tiny Teddy from Ovcha Kupel. Found in the garbage bin as you see him here. The tiny baby has a severe head injury and is fighting for his life. The next few days will be critical for him, keep your fingers crossed for Teddy.


Regarding admittance: we really thank all the foster homes for being with us in this difficult time. We will try to get to your babies ASAP, but please have just a little more patience with us, the first ones in the line are the pups from the quarantine – their health depends on this.


IMG_0300 IMG_0304 IMG_0306

And here are some cat babies that are almost completely independent and need a good foster home – if you would like to give them a hand in having a good childhood – they’re waiting for you in the clinic.



Our kindest regards to you, from people and animals alike,
we continue straight on!


02 June 2017 | Blog

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