A donation of puppy food from the team at Woodward Bulgaria

If it weren’t for the quarantine and you could visit the shelter last week, you’d find The Farm shelter angry and moody, with a team on the brink of exhaustion and despair.

On the wall:
– a list of the dogs ill with distemper and the ones who show symptoms (by hours);
– a list of the tens of life-saving drugs and materials not available due to lack of money;
– a list of the foods, necessary for the ill and risky dogs not available due to lack of money;
– an endless list of debt to different warehouses and providers, left unpaid this month, due to overspending for the ill animals.

A little Hell on Earth, full of desperate people and suffering animals. Tears, nerves, sadness, helplessness, hopelessness… and death.

We asked you for help.
And you helped us, dear friends!

obshto dariteli
In-kind donations that were brought to the shelter and Pets&U stores

Your donations have provided:

-a full set of medication and materials for the animals already ill with distemper;
-tests for early diagnosis of the animals in risk;
-serums, supplements, good food for the ill, weak and the puppies (for 10 days);
-revaccinations with a DP (Distemper and Parvovirosis) for all the puppies up to 6 months of age.

The truth is that this is a rare occasion in Bulgaria – so many people who generously unite around a common cause, no hate, no suspicion, no splitting. From a good heart, out of love.

We thank the hundreds of donors that took part in yet another dog miracle.

ваксини (1) ваксини (2)
DP vaccines for a re-vaccination of all the puppies currently in the shelter

We thank everyone who sent their support through bank, e-Pay, PayPal or DMS, in our collection boxes at the Pets&U stores.

We thank the people who chose to donate medications and materials for the clinic, as well as the donors, who sent or brought materials for cleaning, disinfection and medications from humane pharmacies.

We thank a special friend of the Farm for covering our unpaid bills for food; the team of co-workers who collected money to pay or electricity bill, we thank Kizomba Maniacs for organizing a fundraising party.

We thank you for being here, for keeping our back. Animal Rescue Sofia has been saving lives 7 years already, thanks to your kindness and generosity. There are no words to express our gratitude.

The best appreciation card would probably be our good news:
Blind Ikey and paralyzed Zlati are stable and send their regards

Although all of the un-vaccinated animals in contact with the disease have contracted the virus, we managed to keep the infection confined to the quarantine ward where it began. We hope our severe measures to contain the Distemper will be enough and there would be no new cases.

The quarantine will be prolonged till 01.06.2017.

Although the immediate crisis is under control, there is still great need of HELP. We are grateful even for the smallest donation.

After the most urgent medical bills have been covered, currently the shelter needs most of all – food. Especially puppy food of high quality.

If you are able to help – use this option as the best cost/quality product, so far we have enough puppy food for the period of quarantine:

Puppy food

We seek the best quality dry foods, with a high percentage of protein and fat.

Happy Dog has a great ProfiLine for kennels, in 20kg bags that aren’t designed for puppies, but would be excellent for our youngsters and are very reasonably priced:


-Sportive 24/16

-High Energy 30/20

-Race 34/24

Richter Pharma: 02 / 927 99 66;

Krayo is the only one still in the worst phase of Distemper…

Thank you!

From the ARSofia team, full of hope and gratitude,
wishing you luck, happiness, health and… hope your kindness comes back to you triple, dear friends.

And just to let you know how the problem is handled…

IMG_0016 IMG_0014
D-r Ilieva getting dressed to enter the quarantine

IMG_0015 IMG_0020
Every door has a basin of chlorine solution to prevent spreading the infection, the animals are kept and cleaned separately

IMG_0019 IMG_0021
Everyone has their own food and set of materials, the cleaning is meticulous.

4 of the 7 puppies Mathilda had nursed have made it so far, pray for them 


22 May 2017 | Blog

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