Things are bad. Despite all measures taken, the distemper keeps on spreading. Yesterday we made new tests, just to make sure, but some of them were positive.

You know some of the infected dogs, because last week we introduced you with the animals that arrived together with the sick puppy.
Mathilda, the hero mother is sick. Her adopted puppies are sick, too. Two of them already passed away.

Zlati, the dog hit by a car and fought paralyzis, now fights for her life.


Ikie, our gentle blind boy…

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Dear friends,
We thought we’ll be able to fight the distemper alone, but after two weeks in the battle, we are exhausted and broke. With an epidemic like this, not only the medicines and vitamins are a lot, but we also use a huge amount of gloves, good food and disinfectants.

Can you help us?
You can donate via bank, paypal or epay here.

For our patients every help matters!

16 May 2017 | Blog

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