It’s been a week since we last waved goodbye to the 10 veterans and 6 puppies of Transport VII/2017.

The group has arrived all safe and sound at two destinations – Astrid’s shelter, where 10 of our adult dogs are given a chance to be found by loving families; and Danielle’s foster home, where another 6 little mice will be rehomed to good people.

Well done to Marty and Valio for this quick and untroubled journey.
And here they are, our lovely souls, who are now somehow completely different – smiling in Dutch…

The adults

Let’s begin with the bestest of the news – the first ones adopted.

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Rayna was the first one to go home!



The second one was Boyko the funny yellow boy.









The journey was a little rough for Masha, she has some troubles with her legs. Astrid’s team is taking extra care of her and she should back on all four in no time.


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Kali – smiling as usual….


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The youngsters

Danielle is one extraordinary person. She has already rehomed hundreds upon hundreds of our puppies. Here you can see the youngest travelers – riding the train with her. For socializing!

Danielle brings each one of the puppies she fosters to all sorts of places. They don’t only ride the train, they also go shopping in all kinds of stores, they take car rides to the lakes nearby, meet and greet other dogs, cats, people and everything that is good in the world.

Thank you for giving them this new life, dear friends!

On the way back, the van didn’t travel empty. It brought back food, treats and toys, raised by our long-time friends Betty and Aleidus Koers, the adopters of Sandy. You can see him send you regards on the photo. We rescued Sandy from the Municipal pound of Seslavci as a death-row dog, 7 years ago…

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02 May 2017 | Blog

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    Thank you Astrid, thank you Danielle, thank you family Koers! You are great!

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