UPDATE 28/04/2017

Farewell, dearest!
The best of luck to you!!!

UPDATE 27/04/2017

на път СМЕ

We did it! This group of sweethearts is going home ASAP!!!



This week we have a short window of opportunity:
11 big dogs from the Farm’s kennels can travel to the shelter of our wonderful colleague Astrid in Holland.

Astrid is a seasoned dog-rescuer and the conditions in her shelter are excellent. She has already provided homes for 10 of our dogs. Unfortunately, she works mainly with dogs from Romania, where they are culled on a national scale at the moment. The situation with our neighbors makes it nearly impossible to find homes for the poor Bulgarian dogs – understandably, the rescue community is trying to save as many lives as possible.

краси6 IMG_0110

To the great luck of our dogs, currently Astrid has some space available. If we manage to react immediately, she could accept these pals for rehoming:
Levon, Kally, Lady, Meggie, Houdini, Jay, Krassy, Masha, Rayna and Boyko.
Added together, these 10 heroes have spent a total of 17 years in a kennel.
12 of them belong to our loving veterans – Krassy, Kally and Maggie…

To fill in the space in the van – 6 homeless babies from the Franziska clinic quarantines can go to the foster home of amazing Danielle, in Holland as well. Helping the Sofia dogs for years, Danielle has rehomed hundreds of our dogs already, and she continues to do so every day.

The problem is – this is not a planned transport. We don’t have the money to send them.
To be able to make the journey – we have to raise 750E till Friday afternoon.
If we don’t – they will lose these spaces and the golden chance of having a family and love.
Could you help them get home?

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

This is them – the dogs that hope for your miracle:


краси2 краси1 краси4

Kind, clever, friendly and obedient, Krassy’s “sins” are that he is not young and that he is large. This is a great opportunity for him to finally find a home after 6 years in the shelter.


kali kali1

We took this little meatball in as a starving skeleton from the Kremikovtzi plant. She deserves all the love in the world, really a golden lady. In the shelter since 2012.


Meggy F (3) Meggy F (4)

5 years of prison, punished for no crime. Maggie is one of these dogs that never caused any trouble – always healthy, always kind with the others, always in a good mood. We know she will be adopted quickly if she manages to reach Holland, she is a perfect dog.


levon (1) levon (2) levon (3)

This funny guy has lived with people and then had to come back to us. It’s always the saddest to have dogs adopted and returned, because they know what they are missing…


masha 10yo (4) маша (2)

Dear granny was someone’s dog all these years, before she became useless as a guard and was kicked-out. She has a gentle and kind heart and this is her last chance to be loved at this old age.


бойко (3) бойко (4)

Boyko came to the shelter along with 5 other little pet dogs in distress. The others were quick to go home, but he needed some time to adjust to the environment. A good guy, he has waited over 6 months already, and in Holland – he will be quick to go home.


худини (1) худини (3)

You can understand he earned this name by managing to escape every enclosure we tried to put him in. A good guy, so very good that your heart melts just to look at him. When he came in he had a bad knee condition and went through a lot of pain during his recovery. Hopefully, he will get to go home and finally be loved as much as he deserves.


джей (2) джей ло2

She came in in January with an old trauma to her leg. A car must have hit her a month ago and a complicated surgery was necessary. It took Jay over a month to recover, and she grew up infront of our eyes in the Franziska clinic. The best dog in the world, but also large and dark – she looks like one of those souls people overlook.

джей (1) джей1

Here they are – Jay and Rayna, it’s not a good video, but words are never enough to describe how good our dogs are:


райна 1 (1) райна 1 (2)

Rayna came in in early March with two “babies” (Rossen and Renny – bigger than her). She had a big wound on her leg and everyone was very frightened, but with loads of work and love everyone of them is on the right track to happiness. A little lady like Rayna has a hard time in the shelter environment, ot would be great to send her home quickly.


лейди2 лейди

A girl who sets an example!
It took Lady 2 months at The Farm (with a little help from her friends) – to recover form a car accident; get over her fears; make many new friends; be vaccinated and neutered; and find a way out of the shelter. We can only hope this works for her, for her and many others…


черни 5 черни4

Four black angels from a litter that was tied up to our fence one winter morning…

черни1 черни3 черни2

Hope they can get to go home, black dogs really need to be rehomed as puppies or it becomes nearly impossible for them when they reach 6-9 months…

турбо бебе турбо

Cutie Turbo and little Fifa are the other two lucky pups that can leave on this journey if we manage to find the funds.


Could you help these angels reach their homes?

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