IMG_0042 IMG_0087 ваня и поли от годеч приемен бяха много луди социализираха се (2)

We did it!
Transport VI/2017 – successful!

A happy future ensured for: Melody, Polly, Nadya, Richard, Sunny, Bella, Norg, Ben, Brashov, Bran, Bragi, Bodra, Bistra, Vanya, Elada, Simo and Malnia!


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These here are the faces that got a life in the land of tulips last week!
Hugs for their foster parents – here and in Holland; hugs for the donors, doctors and volunteers of the Farm who gave them this new life.


IMG_0071 IMG_0076 IMG_0086 IMG_0104 IMG_0122 IMG_0131


Their golden hearts weren’t born to fertilize the ditches and although it’s a little sad that even our dogs are emigrating – we are really glad to see them smiling in their new motherland.


This avalanche of joy is the lovely litter of Bodra, Ben, Bistra, Brashov, Bragi, Bran – found and fostered by a kind family in Bistritza. Our hearts melt away to see them doing so well:

бистричани (1) бистричани (4) pri moreen
бистричани (2)

From all the possible options of being homeless – the worst is to be an abandoned puppy. Born in some yard by a guard mommy, nursed till 20-30 days of age and then dumped somewhere far away.

IMG_0158 IMG_0161

Whilst they were still born outside to stray mothers they still had some sort of a chance. A mom can protect you, feed you, and teach you all about life. But alone outside in this age… it’s a miracle if they survive a couple of days.


Fluffy angels Vanya and Poli didn’t want to leave us…

IMG_0144 IMG_0149 IMG_0150 IMG_0135 IMG_0153

But it’s only because they didn’t know what sort of Paradise awaits them!

ваня и поли (2) ваня и поли

18 out of 200 dogs makes 9%. And although it may seem funny to someone, we feel these journeys as huge events. Transport after transport, after transport – so many souls saved, so many lives rescued from a certain death…

IMG_0110 IMG_0115

As we walk by the cages, taking out one, shutting the door in the face of the others we hear them call our hearts: “Send us too! We are also good dogs! We promise to listen!”
And your turn will come too, darlings, it will.

There has to be a kind person for every kind dog in this world:
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