It’s really important to us that the puppies who come to the Farm don’t grow up in a cage. The huge number of dumped babies and the fact we’re the only shelter that works with babies, destines our transports to be loaded mostly with youngsters.

Big dogs are harder to place, and not only in Bulgaria. The colleagues we work with abroad chose the animals they can rehome, and when it comes to adults there usually is an adoptive family waiting on the other side. Logistics are insane, the large dogs take up more space in our van, and we always try to use the little money we have to save more lives…

Here is a group of lucky angels that we managed to send to their new homes in Austria, Germany and Holland – with the help of many wonderful colleagues, foster parents and volunteers. Our best regards to everyone who participated, because the happiness of this gang was worth all the efforts!


15086778_10211079726495036_1618782098_n 15095566_10211137361815883_7894602956318396156_n 15232256_368854460131002_1303065119154802518_n

Lovely tripod Magda sailed off directly to her new family in Austria!

IMG_1300 IMG_1308 IMG_1316

We admitted her to the shelter with an old trauma – a broken leg left untreated for over a year. A kind farmer gave her a home after she was injured, but lacked the funds and knowledge to do more for her. So she spent many months chained and in pain, her condition deteriorating slowly.

15288451_10157779383075335_5652117805363939956_o IMG_1402

D-r Marincheva amputated her painful paw successfully in January, the little clown recovered well and three months later – she is the pride and joy of her Austrian family.



00 мама слънце1 00 мама слънце2

Astonishing mommy Slance, a lady who arrived to the shelter with a huge litter of giants (all now re-homed), left for Germany. Her intimidating 50 kilograms made her a wanted dog here – but for a life on a chain. And a lady like her was made for love, not for barking. Our German colleagues will find her the best family to love and cherish her till her last breath.



zara october zara sept

Lovely Zara arrived at the Farm at the end of last summer – very thin, with a high fever. Her life was on the line for a while, but doctors Marincheva and Ilieva paid off – she became a healthy and very beautiful lady. After 6 months in the cage, hoping someone would like her here in Bulgaria, a couple of photos were enough to secure her a place in a lovely German shelter.

00зара1 00зара

This is how she was introduced to the potential adoption candidates. To no surprise, she was chosen and re-homed only a week after she arrived at our German colleagues’.



14425375_10157451320425335_1860395120879185893_o 15780795_10154661611014504_6726472735453115493_n

Miranda spent almost a whole year at the Farm. We took her in as a young lady, neutered by the municipal company, but returned to the wrong place. She had no idea how to live a life in the street, so we assume she must have been someone’s dog at some point. Unfortunately, no one was ever interested in having her, no matter how hard she tried.

00 миранда 1 00 миранда 2

Beautiful, gentle, kind, friendly to anyone – Miranda was adopted almost as soon as she stepped on German ground. All the best to you, baby, auf wiederzehen!



17192412_10158336407785335_8840524076713842364_o пипа видра

Peppa, Vidra and Sarah – three little ladies who come from different backgrounds, but share the same destinies – that of abandoned pets. They don’t know how lucky they are – little ladies like them never have to wait long. Small, kind, young – as soon as the girls were prepared for the journey (healthy, social, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, with passports) – homes were found for them in Holland.



вишну2 вишну5 вишну6

Little monster Vishnu – a very perky guy who gave his best to drive the keepers, volunteers and coach Elena crazy. “Oh, look at how small and sad I am! Now try my tooth and see what happens if you touch me!” He is now a calm and balanced pet in Holland, far from the shelter stress. Not easy being the smallest among 200, you can be sure of it.



17039305_10158295933815335_5271889698516739284_o ДЖОДЖО

The last lucky new Dutch in this group is Jojo. We cannot tell you what happened and why he wasn’t good enough for Bulgaria – such an amazing dog. We used the first possible opportunity and sent him to his people near Amsterdam! He is happy, and we – even more so.


Dog by dog, together we are changing this world for the better.
Thank you – adoptive families, colleagues, volunteers, donors, Humans…


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