One of the wonderful adoptions we had last month was Hayo’s. A young Jack-Russel Terrier, adopted and abandoned many times, with a serious behavior problem – hyper-activity and tail-biting.

Hayo spent long months with us. For treatment and correction of the behavior. Huge thanks to our trainer and helper Elena Alexandrova for her effort; to d-r Marincheva for the adequate treatment; and most of all – to Mariana Manusheva, his adoptive mother, who wasn’t frightened by his problems and gave him the biggest gift – a family to love and put up with him.

осиновяване хайо 01

This letter from Mariana is for us, and everyone who grew to love Hayo whilst he was with us:


I am sending some information about the little dwarf that filled the list of pets at our household – Hayo. The kids and I were wandering if you named him after the little dwarf from an old cartoon? (Yeap, that’s right!)

After Hayo left the shelter with his new family, he went to the pet store and also got a new bed, lead, feeding ball and a toy. No doubt, he immediately recognized all this was his, and didn’t wait to get home – crawled into his bed as it was in the car and played with his new rope toy.

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The next day, the first one without medication, wasn’t an easy one, he even scared us a little. He was very nervous, threw up a couple of times, didn’t let us touch him at all and was constantly spinning in circles and growling. We noticed he was better when we weren’t there and gave him the afternoon to himself. When we came back he had slept a little and met us with a happy tail and jumping. Since that occasion, I think he is feeling well and at home with us.

We’ve already been to work together and he was fabulous with a huge group of kids there. He gradually started spending more time outside in the yard and playing with his big friend – our Caucasian Shepherd Dog. I tried to make some photos of him, but it’s really hard to keep him in one place without the lead.

In the evening he is quite tired and after a good meal, plenty of scratching and hugging, he goes to bed on his own and snoozes аway.


At times he has some isolated episodes, usually when I’m inside and cannot give him all my attention. He spins in circles and tries to reach his tail, but even with his collar off – he doesn’t hurt it. We still leave it on when he’s alone. He is incredibly quick to catch up with the changes and I believe we will be very happy together.

Thank you for entrusting us with this little guy. We will write again.
Best regards and hope you do well in your work,
Mariana Manusheva”

Once again – Mariana and Hayo show us that there is a person for every dog, all we need to do is find that person. We are really, really, really happy!

The other dog with similar problems in the shelter is cute Brainy.

психа2 психа5

Brainy today

She used to be a pet dog. She was found with injured back paws, and when she was brought to us (exactly a year ago), the people had no idea what those wounds were from, neither did we. We found out soon enough her problems were in her head.

IMG-4560 психа

Brainy in the beginning

Brainy spent months on medical treatment and with bandages on her legs. The perseverance of the keepers and vets paid off and after months of war – her legs managed to return to a decent shape. The girl lives outside, in our walking yards, she has her friends, most days she wears no collar and she has completely forgotten that muzzle she hated so much.

15826345_10211599673013374_2855680503545217342_n психа1 15822722_10211599672973373_2400180040296261650_n

We are now sure, her day of happiness will come too. Hayo found Mariana. Brainy will find her people too. She just needs more time.

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