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This here should be a dog named Bubka, no matter that it looks like the result of an evil morgul magic. This is the way she used to be 10 months ago when we picked her up from the street with a heavy dermatitis and demodecosis. Would the people who kicked her off the sidewalk back then believe that Bubka found real friends? That there is a home for her too? We doubt it.


And still, we are very happy to tell you that our darling Bubka has found her family. She was adopted by Jonathan Huybs and Dimka Stoeva! They picked up their girl here, but then travelled far to their home:

Hello and best regards from Bubka! As of this Sunday, she is Belgian, she lives in a house with a big yard, where she loves to snooze on the grass. She is a little hero – managed the hard airplane journey, all the fuss and is now happy at home. Many Bubka-kisses to you all!


Farewell, Bubka, thank you Dimka and Jonathan!



Tiny snow-white Mila has gone home with Ivan Nikolov.



Sweet Sharko (brother to Raya and Maya whom you sent to Holland) will also stay in Bulgaria – in the hearts and homes of Boyko Lozanov and Vanya Dimitrova.


IMG_9602 IMG_9603

Lovely little Izzy left us for Massachusetts! She was adopted by Vera Shipunova, and here you can see her with a friend who will help her get home to the USA.


17692255_1630332036996752_2040295667_o ТОР

There is a home for our handsome, abandoned golden retriever boy Thor too. He was chosen by Vanina Radeva who thought it was more important that Thor is kind and lovely, than the fact he is already 8 years old.


All the best to you, dear buddies!
We wish health and happiness to all the kind people who chose to save the life of their best friend.

05 April 2017 | Blog

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