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Transport V/2017

A day later – our bus is leaving for Germany and Holland, carrying 21 little guys on board! On to a new life, to another reality, to places where they will be loved, not chased away.


Organizing this transport was a battle to fight, the fastest one in 7 years… There aren’t words enough to tell you how much we appreciate your help. What’s most important – these little guys really deserve it. We wish you all the best, we’re sure that the kindness you sent will soon come back to you tripple.


A very rare opportunity has come up:
20 cats and 1 kitten from the Farm can leave to find new lives in Holland and Germany right away, if we’re able to raise the funds needed for their journey.
Despite the urgency – we’ve carried out 4 transports in the last two months already and there’s no money to send them along. The worst thing about it is that our colleagues have free space now, and will not wait for us. We have 2 days to confirm the dogs and send them packing.

320E is still missing from the equation – only 8 dogs to go, after we wrote about it on Facebook last night.

Please, help them if you can, even by little, there isn’t much time – there are so many organizations like ours, looking for opportunities like these to place their animals. In this group of animals there are friends who have spent their entire lives in cages, babies, recovered patients…

jeff 2011 jeff (2)2012 jeff 2014 jeff 2017

Jeff has been with us ever since he was a tiny baby. We admitted him to the old Bogrov shelter 6 years ago, along with his whole litter – 8 little guys and girls. He was supposed to travel abroad, but was always left behind, and as he grew – he acquired a diagnosis that didn’t help him – spinal hernia. Finally, he has a chance to go home. We really hope our gentle guy will be able to use it.


steffie4 steffie (1) steffie steffie (5)

Steffie has been with us since 2012. She’s always been a kind and gentle creature, quiet and placid. She remained un-noticed all these years because of her shyness. In the shelter environment, it is always the dogs who would lick people’s hands through the cage that get adopted. And she wouldn’t approach strangers, wouldn’t dare to look them in the eye and say “I deserve love too”… We truly hope a change will come her way, 5 years in a cage is more than enough.


IMG_9520 15034187_10211079730895146_491384439_o nadejda

Nadezhda came to us with a horrid inflammation of the mammary glands. She had a very high fever and was really hanging by the thread. We didn’t think she’d make it. Today, 3 months after she was rescued from a gas station where she had given birth and lost all her puppies, Nadezhda has a real chance of becoming a loved pet dog in Germany.


IMG_7028 IMG_7234luli (1)

Leeoolly – a gentle soul, found all broken up in Liulin, most probably – hit by a car. You helped raise the funds for her surgery, and she recovered completely. She is now a lovely, playful girl, exceptionally kind. We have no idea why she didn’t find people willing to adopt her in Bulgaria from August 2016 till now. But if you decide to help her – she could travel to her new home in Gemany.


naty4 naty (3) naty (2)

Naty… Dear Naty. 7 years ago, her owner brought her to us for neutering and never returned. The phone-number he left us was fake and the girl remained in the shelter. 9-10 years old today, gentle Naty has been very lucky to be chosen in Germany. This could be her only chance. It is her stroke of luck and we pray she will be able to use it.

Three 10-month old girls also have a chance to travel to Germany – Tarah, Mazda and Nedelya. All three of them have been with us since tiny babies – eager to please and give kisses, but… large in size and dark in color. In Bulgaria that often means 0 a lifelong sentence in the shelter. We only hope the black kids in the video get a golden opportunity like this too…

These are the wannabe Germans so far. The would-be Dutch are all small babies. It is a great chance for them to be adopted as puppies, so that they don’t have to repeat Jeff’s destiny and spend their entire childhood and youth in a cage…



These here are Saultie (boy) and his sisters Pepper and Chillie. They’re an abandoned litter that grew up here at the shelter. Amazingly lovable and sweet puppies.


alk skoch alk whiskey alkk vodka

Vodka, Scotch and Whiskey – you know them from the shelter clinic. Dumped pet babies, they grew up in the shelter quarantine.


jana vandi chuckie

Tiny Jana, the lovely angel Wandie and little Chuck all have people waiting for them.


maya i raya (1) IMG_2012 - отгледани от дечица мартин и норман

Maya and Raya. Rescued by two lovely boys – Martin and Norman, who found them, fed them, and made them a little house by the block. When an adult destroyed the house and kicked put the babies, the boys came to us for help. The little pups now have everything they need to go home, and their brother – Sharo, has been adopted here, in Bulgaria.



The last hopeful traveler came to us on his own – straight through the fence. The dogs went mad to see him, but he was not at all disturbed by their loud barking and insisted we take him in. Tristan, a boy.

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

Help us send them home, please.
Not only because of themselves. But also because our quarantine is full and the next generation of abandoned puppies from the quarantine needs to take their place in the shelter…

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