Everything that happens at the shelter and clinic is only possible, because a generous person has decided to make a donation for the dogs. Every little injection, every de-worming tablet, every kibble chewed-up, every brick here exists, because a specific person decided to do a good deed.

We need help at any given moment. And if it looks like we’re a very rich and huge organization, it is only because we do not steal, and we work hard. And every cent that comes in – goes to the animals. So they can live in health and happiness, and the Farm can become a better place for them.

And this isn’t just money. Our endeavor is one of thousands of people – everyone helps out in the way they see fit. We especially want to thank everyone who has made a donation from our WISHLIST for their support. For the lives saved. For the full bellies. For the warm beds.


бъди приятел (1) бъди приятел (4)

Thanks to our colleagues from “Podai raka – badi priatel!”, and special regards from our veterinarians. The donation really filled in on materials we urgently needed. Dog-kisses from the patients as well, for the supplements they received.


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Hugs to A. and V. for the gift they made to the humans at our office this winter! After 3 years of work in a room without windows, we finally have light!!! And also – no need to run outside to check on passers-by every time.


каролине ветер конски попони (3) каролине ветер конски попони (8)

Our horses were kept warm during the cold months thanks to the horse blankets that Caroline Vetter sent them.

Medical materials, cleaning and disinfecting detergents, bedding and of course – food, are amongst the items people chose to donate for the dogs at the Farm most often.

We had no idea back in 2009 (when we began helping the dogs at the municipal pound) that we could do so much for the dogs. Now, nearly 5000 lives later, we look around and realize how far we have come. Thanks to you.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear friends, for helping us help them!
We continue on 🙂

24 March 2017 | Blog, Horses

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