Transport IV/2017 – successful.
Our little bus crossed Europe, travelling 6000 kilometers there and back, carrying 25 innocent souls on board.
On the photos here you can see the kids you know from the Farm – today in Holland!

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In the middle – the famous puppy Viva

Sending dogs for rehoming abroad doesn’t solve the stray dog problem. The logistics are insane, the paperwork – indescribable, the costs – large.
Why do we do it then?!
Because it saves the lives of the dogs who travel.

Sofia – Amsterdam. A lifeline for thousands of homeless friends already. Group by group, babies from the Sofia gutters turn into mix-bred pets in our shelter and then find loving families through our colleagues.

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Because no matter how much we love them, how well we look after them, and however ready they are to go home and be the best of dogs – there are no homes for them here. The abandoned animals in Bulgaria are times more than the people willing to adopt…

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A real home and a family – that is everything our little guys need. We work with wonderful colleagues in Germany, Austria, Holland – countries where people have the culture to adopt, and aren’t ashamed to have a Bulgarian stray walking beside them.

We’re dreaming of the day, when there will be no need to look for homes for our unwanted kids abroad. The day when all the babies in the Farm will be wanted in Bulgarian families. (In those dreams also half of the cages are empty, because there aren’t that many dogs in need of rescuing.)

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25 little babies. In flesh and blood. Our lovely friends, whom we managed to steal from death and pain, now doomed to be… loved and happy. Thank you for giving them… A LIFE.

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24 March 2017 | Blog

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