Pancho and Toshko

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Our awesome “clones” with similar problems – broken bones after close encounters with a car, are recovering simultaneously and very well. Hopefully, in a few weeks we will be able to show you a happy video for the two of them running happily with the rest of the youngsters!


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Unfortunately – there is no good news. One by one the results are coming in – everything is negative for now. This probably means that the last test we’re expecting – a biopsy – will be positive.

It the meantime the girl is doing well, feeding, seeking attention, she has even gained a little weight. Sadly, this can be a result of the very heavy drugs she is taking. In case her biopsy comes back positive for a malignant tumor, we will hug her all she wants, feed her a fantastic meal and then help her move to the Next Place in dignity and love.


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The sweetie is now rid of her external fixture and is like a new dog – happy, cheerful, jumping about!
All she needs now is a place to call home, and we promise her she will have the best one.


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Lady is recovering very well and also starting to enjoy life here a little more. Such a gentle and loving Lady she is!

The puppies with pyoderma

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The four little monkeys that drained our clinic in terms of resources and efforts are now well. Their last samples are here – negative!

Their bald little group should be moved outside for a life under the sun. The family spent 2 months in captivity and will now enjoy the sunshine for a while, so they can grow hair and stronger muscles. Hopefully, they will look much better in a short while.


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Our deaf angel has his special heartworm drugs ordered and is into his third week of premedication. He has become good friends with Atilla and makes sure to go along with him for the walks. He is so lovely and sweet – as always.


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Regards from the youngest of our patients!

21 March 2017 | Blog

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