Sherlock’s illness

22 March 2017 | Blog

Raising an orphaned foul is a difficult task. They should remain with their mothers till at least 1 year of age. They need to be nursed and remain in a group, so they can grow normally.

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Sherlock was left without a mother at only 1 month of age, he has many problems. Besides the anemia he came in with at the very start, it turned out he is also suffering from Wobbler’s Syndrome – or cervical spondylomyelopathy.

This is an inherited condition which deforms the spinal cord, causing neurologic disability. The condition is incurable.

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Sherlock’s therapy has become more complicated. Every day our vets have him on 6 bottles of a glucose serum designed especially for him. The results are immediate – he is now much better and isn’t falling down as often as he used to.

Feeding has also become more difficult. His special milk has to be combined with 8 different supplements, he eats 6 times in a day. Despite the huge efforts we’re making, he still weighs under 80 kilograms.

The struggle for Sherlock continues.
Any help desperately welcome.

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Sherlock and his “mother” Svetlio

22 March 2017 | Blog

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