We have to admit it – our favorite kind of dog is the “Adopted in Bulgaria!” kind! The number of dogs adopted through shelters continues to grow. We are happy to be part of this magic – a generous, true friendship. Meet the people who chose to adopt their friends from the Farm in the last ten days:


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Hayo spent months with us, after he was brought in extremely nervous, biting his tail, explosive and hyperactive. At first it seemed he would have to be put on a medical treatment, but our dog-coach Elena worked hard with him and in time he began to form a bond with people again. Attention and structure did a lot for him. He stopped biting his tail and reacting aggressively to human touch.

Hayo no longr bites his tail and the collar he has is too small to stop him from doing it – it’s just used to remind him tails are not for biting

Today, the unusual Jack-Russell terrier Hayo is the dog of Mariana Panayotova!
Maryana has known him for a while now and she knows there is much work to be done in order to have an easy and calm life with crazy Hayo. We will keep in touch and help out at any given moment. It’s a pleasure to see how seriously she takes the task of helping him be his best self. He will not waste this opportunity. We wish them luck and success!


mirko (5) mirko (10)

Little angel Mirko found a lovely family! He was chosen by Lidia Matveeva – so their sweet little girl can have a friend to grow up with. As we like to say: every child deserves to have a dog and a mother that would allow it. Kids that grow up with animals are healthier, more responsible and generous people when they grow up – that is a proven fact. We wish you all the best, little ones!



Roshka – such a tender and kind soul. She came to us from a foster home and wasn’t very happy to live in the shelter, but didn’t have to wait long. The little angel quickly  met her real person – she was adopted by the cheerful Radina Voykova. Radina gave her a new name – Lexy. All the best to them!


валери гоцев кутре женско (2) рони христина цветанова братче на гоцев братчета кашончовци(1)

Two tiny chocolates, a brother and a sister from a litter of abandoned pups found their new homes in the matter of days. Valery Gotzev took tiny Ichie, and Christina Tzvetanova adopted gentle little Ronny. We know these kind-eyed babies will make them very, very happy, they both made excellent choices!


IMG_1705 арте (2)

Arte the angel has her human too – she was chosen by Estelle Hadjiivanova. Estelle had initially chosen one of the puppies we treated for koronaviroses. But it already had people waiting in Holland, so fluffy Arte got to go home with Estelle instead. There are no coincidences in this world, this friendship was meant to be.


сага на сиги

Two tiny kittens went home together with Tsvetomir Alexandrov and his girlfriend. Kind heart Nero, who lived all his three months in a box at the shelter; and clever Siggy, who was found injured in the street and was raised in a foster home.
For the cats who cannot go out, life with a friend makes the difference between happiness and eternal boredom. Cats love their families too, they live in family groups and need friendship just as much as we and dogs do.


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And finally, to top off all these wonderful news – an adoption we’ve waited to happen for a long, long time. The kindest and most tender dog in the shelter. Our darling, epileptic Partzalka has found her family!

We thank Natalia, her daughter Ellie and everyone in the family for giving her this chance. We are sure they will never regret it. The girl is happy at home with them, hugging and cuddling any moment she gets, here’s a short note from her people:

Bella (Partzalka before) is an amazing creature that waited nearly 5 years to enter our lives and teach us how to truly love despite any hardship. We had a few minor disturbances these 7 days, and are now building up trust. We also have a crazy 4-year old cat we rescued from the street… So, wish us luck!

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We wish you luck – in any endevour that your kind hearts start!
Be happy, sweet Bella, and you too, kind Ellie!

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