дими вива
Dimi and Viva

The work of a keeper at the shelter clinic, done by Dessy, Dimi and Maria, requires a set of many skills:

  • CLEANER – for 20-30 dogs in the clinic boxes (many of them puppies). This means cleaning and disinfecting by schedule, keeping different sets of materials for the quarantined, washing, change of bedding. Dessy is also our talented handy-man at the clinic.
  • KEEPER – each of the animals needs to be fed and watered, taken outside for a walk separately, get some love and attention, medications and supplements prescribed by the doctors, bathing for the dogs with skin conditions. Also the clinic keepers take care of the large storage, storing medicines and medical materials in the small storage.
  • VETERINARY TECHNICIAN – d-r Ilieva and d-r Marincheva have a huge number of patients, perform many surgeries. The keepers help them prep the animals, put on abocates, fluids, clean wounds, change patches, medicate the chronically-ill.
  • ETOLOGYST and PSYCHOLOGIST – most animals come to the clinic stressed out and can barely tolerate the procedures. Each one requires a special attitude and treatment, each one has a special trick. It’s the same with the people who come to visit. Sometimes in can be really difficult to communicate with them, and that part of the day can be nerve-wrecking.

There are no weekends, no illnesses, no chance to feel tired… Everyone at the shelter does more than humanely possible, and that is especially true for the keepers at the clinic. But – they are all very shy and don’t allow us to take photos of them or convince them to show you their smiles.

We still found a way to get around this stubbornness – in an indirect way, because they really deserve some respect. And we will do it through Dimi’s animals. Not the ones she has at the Farm, but the ones at her home. Many of them are farmers anyway.


Starting with a little guy you know well. The old dachshund Luchko spent almost a year in the shelter. Adopted and returned, rejected by our colleagues abroad, Lachezar had no future. He is just an old guy, some grumpy-ness noted, chronically ill – by all premises he should have spent his last days in the shelter. But he will not. Because Dimi was there for him.

After it was made clear that Lachko will remain a patient forever, she decided to adopt him. “I come to work with his doctors every day anyway, I will just bring him with me when he needs it.” And that was that. His last visit at the shelter was the day before. For the removal of his remaining useless teeth.

Lachko isn’t Dimi’s only hopeless rescue love. She also has blind Murphy, who is 14, found at Evropa blvd. 10-year old Roshko also comes from the streets, but from Liulin. And Sheeshee the cat. Who, by the way isn’t a huge fan of dogs, nor Lacho of him, but they managed to reach a truce.

Dimi is also a foster parent for newborn puppies that get abandoned or brought to the Farm. The ones that require 24-hour care, unable to survive without a mother. A litter after litter, doomed puppies survive on the price of her sleepless nights. The last lot – Arthur, Lancelot, Miriam, Morgana and the now famous Viva – with the big ears. Here you can see them as little balls of life at the start of the journey on December 24-th:

And here they are again, three months later, big and strong, vaccinated, healthy, ready to be adopted – as long as we manage to find homes for them. Lives stolen from Death. Once more 5:0 for Dimi:

вива1 моргана мириам артур ланселот

This litter is already at the Farm. What does it mean for Dimi? It means that she is once again “loaded” with a new set of newborns to look after. These four abandoned puppies will have a life, because she is there for them:

ново3 ново4

Or, it would be more accurate to say – they will have a life, because she will not sleep at nights for them. Dimi will wake up to feed them, get up one hour earlier and go to bed two hours later after a hard day’s work, cleaning more poop – the everlasting side effect of life.

This is the sort of people our keepers are. Dimi, Dessy, Maria. By the way, Maria became a member of our team after being a foster parent for abandoned pups too. Dessy, our Shiva with so many busy hands also has a little farmer at home – best regards from her daughter Ava and their friend Ally:

pri dessi

You don’t have to be crazy to work with us, but it really helps.
Thank you, Maria, Dessy and Dimi.
For your dedication, your hard work and most of all – for your kind hearts!

18 March 2017 | Blog

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