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From Spetember to February (5 very difficult months for the shelter), we weren’t able to send dogs on their way. The new European transportation rules stopped our “life-line” to colleagues abroad, where so many souls find homes each month. The Farm was terribly overcrowded all winter, and February came with 122 puppies at the shelter grounds.

January in the shelter

We thank all the foster parents who were patient to wait months for a place to open up, to everyone that helped us manage looking after so many puppies in one place – their vaccinations, treatments, raising and socialization. To everyone who was understanding when we weren’t able to take on as many cases – lacking space and funds.

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We managed to cover the most-unnecessary legal requirements, go through every possible inspection, so that our animals can continue to travel legally. And with the help of our awesome colleagues in Holland, with the funds that were left of the calendar sales after we covered our debts, we organized three whole transports in succeeding weeks.

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In February, after an incredible logistic, for which we salute everyone involved, we managed to provide homes in Holland for 68 young dogs from the Farm shelter! They will not be miserable in the streets, nor grow up in a cage, they will be loved pets – as they deserve to be. With them, we also sent our 15 kittens, who spent months in clinic boxes due to lack of foster places. 7 adult dogs also made the journey, but we will tell you about them later.

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Who are these 68 angels? Not just a number, but 68 of our kids. A huge heard of shine eyes and waving tails. Each one with a history, problems of their own. Some of them we’ve managed to show you. Most – not.

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These are 68 destinies of good creatures, who came in as sad wretches, grew up in front of our eyes – smiling and cheerful youngsters. Each one has a history, we’ve invested months of love, care, it took a long preparation to reach a new life abroad. A life that they wouldn’t have if they were to stay in Bulgaria.

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The first adopted animals are starting to send their happy photos. What a joy it is to see them curled up on their own couch, walking on green grass, or in the hands of people who will love them forever…

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Again – best regards to all the magic people who provided these angels with the happiness they deserve. The donors, foster parents, volunteers, colleagues in Holland, the drivers, doctors and keepers at the shelter.

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46 puppies await their turn of happiness at the Farm right now. We are already working on a next transport. Every little help matters.

A note: ALL of the puppies from our 2017 calendar now have homes!

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15 March 2017 | Blog

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