The funds needed for Toshko and Daphne at the moment have been raised.

Toshko’s surgery will take place right away, we will let you know when there is new information on Daphne’s diagnosis.

Once again, we cannot thank you enough…
The Franziska clinic is only able to care for so many only through the donations it receives from people – your help saves lives.


blur daphne

Our clinic is always full. An endless flow of suffering bodies to treat, so many destinies – every next one more sad than the other.
Besides Boris, Pancho and the puppies with pyoderma that you helped last week, our clinic houses so many other good hearts… Creatures, whose destiny was to suffer, get a second chance in life, thanks to you.

Two of them really need it:


We hadn’t seen an animal in such a horrible condition ever since Katy came to the shelter with half her face ripped off by a wolf trap. Daphne is a young cat with necrosis in the area of the mouth.

IMG_2451 IMG_9340

So far we have no final diagnosis for her, and she has been tested for everything you could imagine. The FIV and FELV tests were negative, the blood-count showed severe anemia, but that was visible to the naked eye anyway. Daphne most probably has a rare form of a fungal infection, but the results will take time.


For now, we have isolated Daphne from the rest of our animals, she has begun an intake of anti-mycotic drugs and antibiotics. Surprisingly – the girl has appetite and is trying her best to eat. She has been starving for quite a while, she is so thin she can hardly stand. Daphne is so lovable, and so eager to be touched. It simply brakes your heart to see her suffer like this…

IMG_9337 IMG_9352

So far Daphne’s tests and treatment cost the shelter 90E, and there are still tests to be ran.
Can you help?


Days after we told you about Pancho, we need to ask you for help for a nearly identical case. Little Toshko. The boy was most likely hit by a car, he has a fracture of the hip bone and needs an urgent surgery.

IMG_2459 IMG_9358

At his age broken bones heal fast. And his trauma is not fresh (he was dumped in this condition at a horse run a few days ago). There is a serious risk that it will heal badly and cause pain for the rest of his life.

IMG_9380 IMG_9391

Unfortunately, the price of his surgery is 150E.
We have so many animals needing care right now, that we simply cannot spend it just on him.

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

Can you help?


Clinic pals


These are tiny Rayna and her giant babies – Reny and Rossen. They come from Gorna Banya. Rayna was dumped outside in the winter and a kind old man gave her shelter in his yard. Two months later, she gave birth in his garden shed. Now the old man will have to move back to the city and their destiny was to go back to the street.

17148880_10209247960781491_542270933_o 17148998_10209247960941495_2078974740_o

We are treating Rayna for a large bite-wound in her thy. The little ones are socializing whilst their quarantine time runs.


IMG_2181 IMG_2182

Kind Lady has an old trauma, fracture of the ilium. D-r Marincheva decided she will be able to recover without a surgery and put her on antibiotics and pain-relief. The girl will continue a non-invasive treatment and should be able to recover completely.


IMG_1793 IMG_2144

Bearded Atilla came from Levski neighborhood. We took him in when people tried to kill him, but it turned out – they saved his life. He is positive for anaplasmosis.


IMG_1712 IMG_9545

Treatments of Melody, Henry (above) and Oliver still continue. Hayo’s and Psiha’s too. There are 32 chronically ill dogs at the shelter right now.



The last surgery of Amelie. After almost two years of struggle, the girl needs to be stabilized, keep your fingers crossed so that she travels to a new, happy home soon.



Little Jay’s recovery is going well. Along with Pancho’s surgery (hopefully, Toshko’s as well, if you decide to help), we need to also remove her external fixture. The x-rays show everything has healed properly and she should never again remember this trauma.


IMG_2025 - трите бебета от бояна растат IMG_2030 IMG_2036 IMG_2040 ванди IMG_2048 IMG_2060

And of course – puppies. And endless line of abandoned puppies…. Each and every little baby that comes to the shelter needs to get 3 vaccines, be dewormed, get good food, even if it’s strong and healthy, and they rarely are. Everyone you see here comes from a box – abandoned somewhere in the city and brought here to be rescued. Latest, but not last. Sadly.


IMG_2085 IMG_2087

Smiles from the little puppies who had the corona-virus. They are already healthy and live in cage 5 in the dog building.

From all the patients in the Franziska clinic, best regards for the people who help.
Daphne, Toshko and their friends are counting on you…

This video is for the person who screamed at us that we should euthanize Daphne.
You know who you are, Daphne purrs for you.

13 March 2017 | Blog

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