Being a little, white, fluffy doggie in this world can be a wonderful thing.
As long as you are the fluffy dog of a person, capable of love.
Otherwise things quickly turn in a fatal direction.

Being a little, matted, frightened, dirty dog in the street is a nightmare.
Every other dog, every kick, every car posts mortal danger.
Fluffy doggies have a zero adaptability in the street…

Meet two brave little ladies, who made it. Despite everything. And with a little help from their friends.


Fiffy comes to the shelter

Tiny Fiffy was abandoned in a village. Ill, dirty, very frightened, she didn’t let anyone come near her. When they managed to catch and bring her after all, she would panic at every touch, biting whatever she could grab.

fifi (7) fifi (8)
Fiffy and her vet – d-r Ilieva

D-r Ilieva gave her an age of about 8 years. The removal of her matted overcoat showed that she is very emaciated and also has small tumors on her neck. The little skeleton had a surgery, and d-r Ilieva took her home for a recovery. In under a month with her, Fiffy became a lively, attentive girl, a little shy, but still – curious.

fifi (2)
Fiffy and Rositza!

Daniella and Rositza Kostovi came to look for their first dog with us. And they came in the same day when d-r Ilieva had brought Fiffy to the shelter for neutering. The meeting was accidental, but they recognized each other straight away. Thus, princess Fiffy got to rule in her own kingdom – at Nadezhda district.


Who would imagine that an attractive dog like Mika can be abandoned? Rehoming her amongst acquaintances shoult take about 30 minutes and 5 phone-calls. But of course – it is much easier not to do anything. Only one condition necessary – not to have a heart.

Mika’s post on Facebook

When we announced that we have a tiny angel named Mika looking for a home – many people were interested. Some were strange – wanting her for a life outside. Others were fine – looking for a loved pet. But also The Perfect Candidate appeared for Mika. And that was Stanislava Todorova – the adopter of Isabella (July 2016).

бела1 бела2
Isabella’s grooming at PETS&U last year before she was adopted

Stanislava gave a home to the poor (back then, she is now The Rich) Isabella last year. She took her as a friend to her old dog, who sadly, didn’t make it through the long winter. The arrival of Mika in the shelter had helped her answer a difficult question – do I have the strength for another little buddy, after going through this loss?

20170309_121952 20170309_121552 20170309_121826

Mika and Isabella are already together, already friends and are sharing the joys of the couch in peace and fraternity. Congratulations!


Farewell, lovely ladies!
We thank you for this happy ending story!

10 March 2017 | Blog

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