More good news from the shelter – spring brought happiness to many wet noses. And to us too – there isn’t a greater joy than to see more and more people choose adoption instead of purchase for their new best friend. Here they are:


серджо5 серджо

Our poor Sergio, the dog with an embedded string in his neck, has his own yard and sister now!

серджо1 серджо2 серджо3

After his full recovery at our clinic, he went home to Plovdiv with Emilia Gallucci. She says he is being great (and we can confirm it!) and also – very happy with his new sister Kara. As you can guess – he will never be tied up again.


кутре лара

Tiny Lara (from a litter of half-pinchers, sister to Tiara) found her happiness with Rumiana Papazova!


джеки (6) джеки (7)

Fluffy little Jacky was adopted by Boryanka Pancharova – he will live a life of great comfort and be terribly spoiled, we are sure of it.


lili3 lili4

Tiny Lilly, 3 months old, is living the life of her dreams with Militsa Myhailova-Stamboliyska and Svetlin Petrov.

lili1 lili2 lili5

It just doesn’t get any better than this!


занзибар (1) занзибар (6)

One of the shelter’s smartest puppies – 6-month old gray girl whom we called Zanzibar – was chosen by Alexandra Yosifova to be the best friend of her lovely daughter.


лара лара2

Our kind-hearted hunting lady whom we picked up in a village near Sofia has her true home now. Lara is now safe and sound forever with Annie Pilibosian.


нина 3 (3) нина1

Nina Georgieva adopted a pet bear from us!

нина георгиева нина георгиева1 нина2

The little giant is having the time of his life with her, she’s even introduced him to another one of our adopted puppies – Boyko, who may look the same, but comes from a different pace. The two have so much muddy fun together!


leah hillard sonder leah sonder

Another lovely guy, 4 months old, has a new home and a new name. We soon expect him to take his SAT’s with excellent scores. Smiley Sonder was adopted by Leah Hillard.


последен негър norg

The last boy to go home from our litter of “nine little nigers” – the huge and lively Norg – went home to the family of Ilia Dobrinski.

All the best to everyone – adopters and adoptees!
We hope you enjoy very long, very happy lives together!

07 March 2017 | Blog

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