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There is something deeply wrong in the sight of the tormented, itchy body of a naked dog. However times you would look at it – you would shiver inside.

6 months ago we admitted Bubka (2 y.o.) and three months ago Ruben (1,5 y.o.) in a very advanced stage of demodex mange. Almost completely having lost their fur, with eczemas and accompanying problems, the two were a sight to make you dizzy.

bubka1 bubka2

Bubka in July

ruben1 ruben2

Ruben in November

Our doctors and keepers in the clinic did their best, but with problems so chronic the chance of healing completely is not this big. Nevertheless, the two angels made it! Congratulations to the team for the successful treatment, it really was a hell of a job. And thanks to the donors who provided them supplements and food for their skin.

The two heroes underwent a real transformation before our eyes. They are now healthy and waiting for adopters to find them in the shelter.

In a good mood, and what is more – in lovely warm coats that suit them so well:

Bubka and Ruben today at the Farm

We treat many skin-ill patients every month. The only way we can do so is thanks to the donations we receive. If you can help us continue, please do so, donate, or bring the dogs something from the following list:


  • FOOD for skin-ill dogs (the best we can find here are Hills and Royal Canin, but they are too expencive for us to afford);
  • SHAMPOOS containing Chlorhexidine and other shampoos for skin-treatments (new, used, anything will be of help);
  • SPOT-ONs – we use Byer ADVOCATE (always in great demand) and DERMOSCENT (a very helpful skin product that assists in quick recovery);


03 March 2017 | Blog

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