Our clinic is open every day – 365 days in a year. As soon as a space is emptied up, it is taken by a new dog, the patients come and go and d-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva take care of tens of animals every day.

Here is a second part of the short resume we began yesterday, more of the dogs who are at the clinic right now – in treatment and in quarantine:

The puppies from the bag

These four came to the shelter wrapped up in a bag, nearly suffocated, but strong enough to lick the hands that took them out.

IMG_1665 IMG_1666

Tequila and Scotch

IMG_1658 IMG_1659

Vodka and Whiskey

Of course – they weren’t born in the street. Unfortunately – they came in with a corona-virus. The symptoms are a high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and it is especially dangerous for the youngsters, because they get dehydrated fast.

The vets treat them with antibiotics and good food, and they are not saving any effort to make the biggest possible mess in-between the regular cleanings:

IMG_1534 IMG_1537


IMG_1704 IMG_1707

3-month-old Arte has skin issues and will need to get rid of them first, before she can be prepared for adoption (vaccines, neutering). She will be bathed regularly, but she loves it – as long as Dessy, her favorite keeper – pays attention to her.


An amazing little girl!

Granddad Gordon

Kind and cheerful Gordon is about 10 years old and is an abandoned Golden Retriever.
His x-rays show a whole bunch of problems – arthrosis of the elbow joint, spondylosis of the spinal cord and badly broken teeth.


Gordon needs to lose weight, drink medications and supplements, lose some teeth… And he is such a kind and balanced guy, curious and lively, despite all the hardships. He loves attention, loves to walk, although not too graciously, he is not at all in despair, he is sure his true people will come find him in the end.

IMG_1685 IMG_1690

Gordon needs supplements for healthy joints, if you want to donate some to him, you will save him the pain he feels every step he makes.

Jana and Vandy

These two angels aren’t sick, but in quarantine, until they get all their vaccines and can be put with the rest of our puppies in the shelter building.


Jana is a short-legged lady, 4 months old, born in a yard and left unwanted outside after her brothers were taken. Incredibly sweet – she will remain a tiny dog when she grows up. ­


Wandy too was someone’s pet’s puppy. Noone saw him being dumped, but one evening he just showed up in a restaurant out of nowhere, walked about the tables, got some pets and some food and then fell asleep on the doormat most naturally. The people couldn’t kick him out, so he spent the night with them. But in the morning, when the boss arrived… well, Wandy came to us.

Henry and Oliver

These two pals are still with us. And we’re sad to say – not much has changed for them.

IMG_1716 IMG_1713

Oliver’s skin illness isn’t improving, the good old guy doesn’t seem to mind. He is enjoying his warm little box in the clinic, not complaining about anything. Maybe a bit itchy, but then – he loves the baths and attention he is getting.


Good old Henry is in big trouble. His month-long therapy didn’t do him any good and will now be repeated. Cross your fingers for him. He may be old, he may only have one eye, he may not have teeth… But he is simply the best old man in the whole of Bogrov!

Sol, Pepper and Chilly

Another abandoned home-bred litter we have in our quarantine. Two brothers and a sister, so sweet, so gentle, so kind…


IMG_1520 IMG_1523

They are 2 months old, they already have their first vaccinations, we are sure they will quickly find their true families when they are ready – it’s enough to just look at them and your heart melts away.


The poor old girl’s back pain is going nowhere. Is we’ve told you before – her liver issues make it impossible to administer good pain-relief for her. The only thing that can be done are massages, acupuncture, physio… stuff that we have no people or resources for, unfortunately.

rita krivka (2)

We’re doing all we can to find her a place where she can live the rest of her life in better conditions. Keep your fingers crossed for her. Although she may look like she’s lost the battle – she is a fighter and she will live life as long as she can, no matter how much pain it brings her.

Greetings from an old friend!

IMG_1738 IMG_1743

Avel, who was hit by an axe is a new person! It’s been a while since we’ve told you about him – the little enthusiast managed to tear up his eye surgery several times, and the stiches had to be corrected. In the end – the doctors decided it is better for him to remain like he is. What a lovely pirate he turned out to be!

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