International Spay Day

28 February 2017 | News


2 400 000 is the number of owned dogs in Bulgaria

>> 80% of them live outside

>> 17% of them are neutered

>> 50% of owners of yard dogs admit to dumping the offspring of their dogs in the street or outside the city *

Homeless dogs don’t just spring out from the ground. They are the offspring of the thousands of chained or loose yard dogs kept as live alarm-bells by irresponsible owners who have left them to breed freely.

Only one female dog can give birth to 60-80 puppies in just 5 years.

Spay/Neuter is a simple, routine surgery from which the dogs recover quickly and easily.

The price is affordable, and in Sofia there are several options for free-of-charge spay/neuter for yard dogs.

Don’t leave the dogs around you un-spayed. Don’t let the people around you dump puppies in boxes and seal a horrid faith.

It costs little or nothing, it takes a small effort and it is the only humane way to solving the stray dog problem we have had for so long.

We thank all the volunteers who have been catching, neutering and releasing homeless dogs in the streets of Sofia.

And a salute to our vets d-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva – it is their day today.


The number of animals we have neutered so far is now 8952.



* data from the national survey conveyed by Gallup International in December 2013

28 February 2017 | News

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