Every day the shelter clinic – The Franziska clinic, helps tens of homeless dogs from the streets of Sofia. D-r Marincheva and D-r Ilieva diagnose, treat, operate, neuter, and vaccinate… patients of all ages and sizes. Most often the dogs that come to us have all possible sorts of trauma; infectious and chronic illnesses; skin disease; autoimmune illnesses and of course – babies.

We introduce you to some of the friends who have found treatment and shelter at our little Farm during the last weeks. Most often the dogs we get only need a short treatment or surgery and can go back to the areas where they come from. But these here are part of the group that cannot go back to the street – as they couldn’t survive, so they will all be expecting their people to find them in the shelter.



5-month old sweetie came to us at the beginning of February from the Krusha village. She must have been hit by a car a considerably long time ago. The x-rays confirmed what our vets feared: a chronic fracture of the tibia.

джей ло1 джей ло2

She had to be quickly operated, with an external fixture. D-r Nikolov performed the surgery at our clinic. 20 days later the girl is feeling much better, she has started to use her leg. We are waiting for the bone to heal fully so the fixture can be removed and Jay will be ready to go home.

IMG_1554 IMG_1561


Thor is one of two elderly golden retrievers on treatment with us right now. He is the younger and luckier one, if you could say that about a dog who has wandered the streets for months, begging for a caress or some food.


The lovely good guy is about 8 years old. Lovely! Good! The long hunger and noble age have lowered his immunity and although he is in good overall health, he has contracted a skin disease which he is now fighting.


His prospects are good and we hope he will be well soon, so we can find him a loving family where he can spend the rest of his life in peace and love.

Jacky and JoJo

Two boys that are very alike – in looks and in destiny. Both used to be pets, and both lived in a house with a yard, so they still need to learn to walk well on a lead.

IMG_1566 IMG_1569

JoJo is only 9 months old, he already has all his vaccines and is neutered. A very sweet goy, he gets along well with all living beings and loves children. He is ready to go home.

IMG_1513 IMG_1516

Jacky is not more than 4 years old, perhaps younger. He has a very sweet and calm temperament, quiet and gentle. He doesn’t have a problem with anyone, although he is not very happy with living in the shelter. He too is now healthy and ready to go home.

Turbo Diesel and Mercedes


Three little angels curled up in their quarantine space. They are only a month old – two brothers and a sister, dumped in Banishora district. Without a mother, in this size and age, the tiny babies would hardly make it for even a few days outside.

IMG_1509 IMG_1512

A great part of the dogs that come to us have the same destiny. They were born in someone’s yard by an un-spayed mother. When they were reared, or often even when they’re born, the irresponsible owners would tear them away and abandon them as far as possible. And they cannot cope – most often there are no survivors. But the saddest part of it is that the same tragedy is very likely to happen again in 6 months with the next litter of the same mommy…


IMG_0928 IMG_0933


A  boy who gave our doctors a very hard time with his unusual symptoms and bad condition. Not being able to walk and with a high fever, Bond came into the clinic as a dog “hit by a car”. Which he most certainly was – with a broken pelvis. The strangest thing about him was something else – a very strong fever, over 40C*. He would only make a few steps and fall down, and his antibiotic and non-steroid anti-inflammatory treatment did him no good.

IMG_1581 IMG_1592


Right now Bond is stabilized and is feeling better, he can walk freely and the broken bone has healed properly. Unfortunately, it is very likely he has an immune modulated meningitis arteritis. This means he will undergo a heavy cortisone treatment for quite a while, possibly – forever. Keep your fingers crossed for him. He is such a kind and gentle soul.

Thank you

These are only a few of the many dogs d-r Marincheva and D-r Ilieva cared for in the last few weeks. We will introduce you to part II of the most interesting cases tomorrow.

The happy news from us is that we are finally licensed by the new Eropean animal transport regulations and the youngest inhabitants of the shelter are already on their way to their new homes. Which means the shelter finally has some spaces open and we are taking in new cases and working full speed.


The work of the Franziska clinic is only possible thanks to the donors of the shelter. It is their support that allows us to provide help to the saddest creatures of our city – the abandoned and homeless dogs.

We thank the people who support our work from all our hearts. Your help saves lives every day.
The Farm isn’t funded by the government or international organizations. If you have the means and would like to help us help them: please, make a donation. Even a tiny monthly subscription could mean the difference between life and death for a friend in need. Every cent is carefully spent with the idea to help as many dogs as possible.

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